A Case Study of Amiibo Addiction

Overview Though not widely recognized within the medical community, Amiibo Addiction is a devastating disorder that affects nearly 1 in 4 Nintendo fans. Obsessive fanatics with a deep rooted childhood love for Nintendo characters are more susceptible to the disease. Fans with a predisposition toward liking cute things are more at risk of developing the advanced stages of… Read More A Case Study of Amiibo Addiction

Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up (2017-01-25)

I now return to my regularly scheduled progress reports. When I think about it, my blog has been nothing but progress updates lately, with zero results. Oh well. When playing video games all the fun is in making the progress anyway. I do miss that sweet sense of virtual achievement that comes from beating a game though. Backlog Battle Progress… Read More Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up (2017-01-25)

New Swag: Monster Hunter Wave 2 and Zelda 30th Anniversary Amiibo

Firstly, please accept my sincere apologies for my winter themed post last week. It seems I have inadvertently pissed off the cranky God of Winter and he hath unleashed his cold vengeance upon the upper portion of North America, even before the chilly season officially begins. I can’t feel my toes thanks to that damn polar vortex… Read More New Swag: Monster Hunter Wave 2 and Zelda 30th Anniversary Amiibo