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Hello Internet!

It might be kind of obvious, but my name is Ellen, and I’m an avid adult gamer who has been gaming since I was a wee child. I have no plans to stop anytime soon. I credit video games with helping me get through some of the challenges in my life. It has been very comforting having a little virtual sandbox to escape to and forget about what’s going on in the real world for a few hours a day. I use to consider myself one of those people who enjoys collecting trophies/achievements/100% clearing games, but these days I take a more casual approach. I simply play to enjoy them, and I don’t really find much entertainment in the competitive aspect of them. Don’t get me started on some of the online gaming communities…

Taz-mania on the SNES. The very first game I ever played.
Taz-mania on the SNES. The very first game I ever played.

I also enjoy collecting games. When I was younger I made the mistake of selling my Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64. I’ve since bought new systems, but I’m still working on tracking down some of the games I use to have. As far as my brand loyalties go, I prefer to play all sides. I do have a soft spot for Nintendo due to fond childhood memories of beginning my gaming career. Nostalgia is a powerful thing! I still enjoy Sony and Microsoft’s consoles though. As long as I’m provided with quality entertainment, I really don’t care who manufactured it.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time remains my all time favourite game. I must have beaten it 20+ times.
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time remains my all time favourite game. I must have beaten it 20+ times.

I might be stating the obvious again, but my favourite video game character is Lightning from the legendary Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy (why yes, I do have a horrible taste in video games. Thanks for noticing! 🙂 ). I often see “moody” and “uninteresting” used to describe this fearsome female protagonist. I won’t lie, it annoys me whenever I see those shallow comments about her, but I completely respect people who see her this way. Fictional characters are open to the viewer’s interpretation, and I see her in a completely different light. Her emotions are chaotic, just like bolts of lightning, and she puts on a tough face to hide them from the world.  She’s terrible at showing it, but she cares more about the people around her than she does about herself. She pushes people away to protect them. She shuts herself away to shield herself from the unforgiving world that she hates being a part of.


In my almost 25 years of video gaming, Lightning is the ONLY character I’ve controlled that I’ve felt a special connection with. She is exactly as cranky, stubborn, and fiercely independent as I am in real life. My whole life no one has understood me, and I’ve felt so alone in this messed up world on many occasions. I was going through a particularly rough time when I played Final Fantasy XIII, and discovering a character that was like me helped more than words are capable of explaining. I wanted to become stronger like she was and I changed my lifestyle completely. I started eating healthier, exercising frequently, and even got brave enough to try out a martial art called Combat Hapkido. I turned into a much happier person because of this.


Shortly after I completed Lightning’s epic journey across three different games, I discovered something that explained my constant feelings of not belonging anywhere: My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It turns out I’m a INFJ, and when I read the description I wanted to hug my computer monitor. For the first time ever, I realized there are other humans out there who feel exactly like I do. INFJs are hard to understand, we don’t even understand ourselves most of the time, and I think Lightning is also a misunderstood INFJ. I know she’s not real, but Lightning Farron will always be my badass idol that I look up to whenever I need a morale boost in this crazy world of ours. She has taught me that a grim fate can always be challenged, and her inspiring quotes throughout the Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy will always bring me strength. Oh and I recently got a tattoo of my shero on my arm. This should say a lot:


I might also have an ever so slight addiction problem with those adorable Nintendo Amiibo figures. Please don’t ask me how many I have now. It’s embarrassing when my answer is “ALL OF THEM!

Stay away from my Amiibos and no one gets hurt...
Don’t mess with my Amiibo!

In addition to video games and cute plastic things, writing words down to form sentences also plays a crucial role in maintaining my fragile sanity. I’ve been a wannabe writer for a long time now, even though my day job is in the electronics field. There’s that nagging voice in the back of my head that wants to be a published author someday, but my logical side knows that will never happen. I had originally started this blog as a tracker to help me clear a huge video game backlog mess I got myself into (formerly known as “Conquering the Gaming Backlog”). I’ve since realized that is a hopeless quest I no longer want to embark on, but I’ve discovered a supportive blogging community here on WordPress. It’s something wonderful that this usually cranky INFJ will always treasure.

This blog is now an outlet for my pent-up thoughts and overly charged emotions. I doubt many, if any, people are interested in my long chains of words, but thanks to anyone who takes the time to read my incoherent ramblings! I’m always interested in collaborations so let me know what you’re up to.

Alter Egos

Twitter handle – https://twitter.com/LightningEllen
The Livid Lightning Mage on thewellredmage.com
PSN Name, Xbox Gamertag, Steam Id, and Nintendo Friend Codes available upon request (if I like you that is, haha)

If for some odd reason you’d like to contact me, see way to do so below. Spam will be ignored so don’t waste your time.

Copyright notice: I make $0 from blogging and I “borrowed” most of the images used in my blog from the almighty Google Images. If you see something that’s yours, let me know and I’ll stop using it (or I can give you the credit you deserve). The great Lightning Farron is a character owned by Square Enix, and Ellen is just hiding from cruel reality by using Lightning’s likeness (Please don’t sue me!). All the windy words here are mine, and cannot be used anywhere without my permission. Don’t make me go all Lightning on you…

22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Ellen! Thank you so much for the follow! I am following you back as well. I see we both have the same backlog problem 😉 I keep adding to mine, even though I tell myself I won’t buy any more game! 🙂 Looking forward to reading your blog!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Your adorable Kirby avatar caught my eye while I was cruising the great blogs out there, haha. Your blog looks awesome and you seemed to be having backlog issues like me. The struggle is real, haha. Thank you for the follow! I’m looking forward to reading your posts as well 🙂

      I’ve mistyped things so many times it isn’t even funny. WordPress seriously needs a comment edit feature, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww awesome, I’m glad you found me! 🙂 Yes the struggle is totally real! I just added 2 more games to my backlog too, so I’m not exactly making progress, haha!!

        That’s funny that you say that about the comment edit feature! I saw my typo right when I hit submit and it was only then that I noticed I couldn’t edit it! They need to fix that! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Just found your blog today, and thank you for also being a Lighting fan! I have admired her bravery, seriousness, and strength of a character that is definitely not a Cloud clone (This is coming from a 30-year old straight male).

    Also, have you ever tried playing Final Fantasy XIV. It is an online game, but very solo and casual oriented, plus you can dress your character up like Lighting (Guardian Corps outfit). There was a crossover even when Lighting Returns was release, but sadly not available anymore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ploVbsfip2w

    Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh wow! Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad there actually is another Lightning fan out there! 😀 I’ve seen so many people refer to her as “just a boring Cloud clone” and honestly it really irks me, haha. She would do anything to protect the people she cares about, and save her entire world. Arguably, she has even ascended to a height above godhood by the time the credits roll on Lightning Returns. I feel like she gets so much undeserved hate on the internet 😦

      I haven’t played FFXIV. I kicked World of Warcraft a few years ago and have been avoiding MMOs (they are hard on my video game backlog). You’re really making me want to try out FFIV! Solo friendly and Lightning outfits sounds awesome. And thanks for sharing that video! I think they did an amazing job with that Lightning event (too bad it was limited time though).


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