A Game a Year Since 1988

Hi internet!

Here’s my response to the Well-Red Mage’s latest question/community challenge thingy; a favourite/memorable game released for each year I’ve been trapped on this planet. Enjoy!

1988 – Super Mario Bros. 3Β (never played it but really wanna someday)

1988 - Super Mario Bros 3

1989 – Friday the 13thΒ (never played it so only because Cheap Boss Attack is awesome)

1989 - friday the 13th

1990 – Super Mario World

1990 - Super Mario World

1991 – The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past

1991 - A Link to the Past

1992 – Mario Is Missing

1992 - Mario is Missing

1993 – Secret of Mana

1993 - Secret of Mana

1994 – Kirby’s Dream Course

1994 - Kirby's Dream Course.png

1995 – Yoshi’s Island

1995 - Yoshi's Island

1996 – Super Mario 64

1996 - Super Mario 64

1997 – Diddy Kong Racing

1997 - Diddy Kong Racing

1998 – The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

1998 - Ocarina of Time

1999 – Donkey Kong 64

1999 - Donkey Kong 64

2000 – The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask

2000 - majora's mask

2001 – Luigi’s Mansion

2001 - Luigi's Mansion

2002 – Metroid Prime

2002 - Metroid Prime

2003 – Jak II

2003 - jak ii

2004 – Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

2004 - GTA San Andreas

2005 – Resident Evil 4

2005 - Resident Evil 4

2006 – The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

2006 - Twilight Princess

2007 – Metroid Prime 3 Corruption

2007 - Metroid Prime 3

2008 – Mirror’s Edge

2008 - Mirror's Edge

2009 – Final Fantasy XIII

2009 - Final Fantasy XIII

2010 – Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

2010 - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

2011 – Final Fantasy XIII-2

2011 - Final Fantasy XIII-2

2012 – Assassin’s Creed 3

2012 - Assassin's Creed 3

2013 – Lightning Returns

2013 - Lightning Returns

2014 –Dragon Age Inquisition

2014 - Dragon Age Inquisition

2015 – Fallout 4

2015 - Fallout 4

2016 – ReCore

2016 - ReCore.png

2017 – Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice

2017 - Hellblade

⚑Thanks for reading… er, looking at the pictures? Whatever! Thanks for dropping by.⚑

56 thoughts on “A Game a Year Since 1988

    1. I have the Jack & Daxter trilogy on Vita. Sadly the ports aren’t very good cause I always wanted to play 2 and 3! Although I did recently play Daxter on the PSP and thought it was awesome πŸ™‚

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      1. If you can get the All-Star version, then it’s the better deal as there are 3 more games included in the bundle.

        My opinion is the unpopular one which I can understand. The music in the NES version is definitely better. Also, most people would prefer the first version they played.

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  1. This is a pretty solid list! I have a feeling our picks for the mid-to-late nineties will probably be very similar – a lot of timeless games came out during those years.

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  2. This is very cool…can I ask a weird question though? How long did it take to research? I feel like it’d take me until next year to find a game for each year of my life (or maybe I’m just old πŸ˜›)

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    1. I’m working on one now and ya gotta go to Wikipedia and look up notable video game releases. They have articles listed for each year!

      Answering because I asked the same question somewhere else and someone tipped me off πŸ™‚

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  3. Diddy Kong Racing over FFVII?! WHAT? We’re no longer friends…kidding lol, I know how much you love that game, and I enjoyed it greatly, too. Heck, I’d play it right now. It introduced a slew of amazing characters (I’m still disturbed by Conker’s Bad Fur Day) and was just a solid racing game. I don’t know if it was a precursor to Mario Kart, since I have no idea when the first one came out though hehe.

    I’m still working on my list. I got a bit stuck in 1982 because there were a bunch of awesome games released then, though I was worried I’d have trouble between 1980 and the Nintendo Years.

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  4. I was kind of predicting you had us set up for a giant swerve there, and just not included one of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy and laughed at all of us as we were aghast at its omission. Would have been a crazy surreal experience.

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  5. Mario Is Missing? Come on now! It may sound like I’m hating but I feel you could’ve came up with something better for 1992. But it was Luigi’s first starring role so I’ll give it that much! Great list overall however!

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