Charming and Open: My Recurring Villain

Hello, internet!

I’m mostly recovered from binge eating whatever the heck I wanted to over Christmas, and I think my brain has recovered enough to work on this collaboration post. Adventure Rules started the second round of a fun event called Charming and Open at the start of December. Basically, you asked the gracious host a question, and he gave you a question to answer in response. The questions are answered in the form of blog posts, thus creating a great sense of blogging community togetherness!

I’m not very creative, but I wanted to partake in the event, so my question involved a boring ol’ desert island scenario, just because. You can check out Ian’s awesome response post here. In return, Ian asked of me:

“…if you had to have a recurring villain from a game as a major character in your real life but got to choose which one, who would you choose and why?”

I would, without a doubt, choose the King Koopa himself – Bowser – to be a major character in my life. He may be a recurring villain in the Mario series, but I’ve never seen him as pure evil, just misguided. Being both an orphan and a single dad is tough! He’s trying to be a great father to little Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings. His primary motivation for kidnapping the pretty princess is so that his kids can have a mom, giving them the parents he never had. Sure, that’s still pretty evil, but at least his heart is in the right place, eh?

I love the big guy so there would be no fighting from me. I would also be more than willing to let him crash on my couch in between losses to that jumpy Mario dude. You know, while he gets back on his feet and stuff. Here’s a list of reasons why I think Bowser would be an ideal roommate for me!

  1. I’m the opposite of a pretty princess, so he’d have no desire to kidnap me. I’m also a great wing-woman, and I would make it my mission to find him the pretty princess of his dreams! I know someone out there would willingly love to get hitched to the big guy. He’s too good for Peachy, anyway.
  2. He looks like a total badass! He’s so imposing, has a cool spiky shell, and breathes fire like a dragon. I would have fun just walking around downtown with him and seeing the reactions from people. I could probably use him as a bodyguard, and his super strength would be useful for carrying groceries up to my apartment too.
  3. Since he’s a great dad, I’m sure he’d impart some valuable fatherly advice if I needed it. In return, I would be happy to listen to his problems, and maybe give him a few tips for pwning Mario.
  4. I think it would be fun playing video games like Mario Kart with him! I’d probably let him win since he’s had a rough video game career thus far.
  5. It snows A LOT here in the winter, and lately it tends to rain & flash freeze causing rock solid ice-banks to form. Since Bowser can breathe fire, I wouldn’t have to shovel anymore and I would never be trapped by winter again. Boom! Instant flamethrower. I’d just ask him to be careful around my car…
  6. If I’m running late for work, I bet he’d let me borrow his Koopa Copter! I imagine soaring over the gridlocked streets and laughing. I could also drop spiky dudes on my enemies… um, never mind! *whistles innocently*
  7. My landlord is terrible at fixing issues in a timely manner. If I ever had plumbing problems, I could help Bowser kidnap Princess Peach (again) in a big scheme to lure Mario to my apartment. We could totally trick him into thinking the last level is fixing my leaky faucet.
  8. Bowser is very sarcastic and has a bit of a dark sense of humor. I would be immensely entertained by his horrible one-liners.
  9. I would be inspired by Bower’s tenacity. Whenever I lose the will to fight on or feel trapped in my dark existence, I’d just look at him for inspiration. I would remember how many times he’s failed miserably, and how he always picks himself off the ground, no matter what, and goes right after that princess again.
  10. Bowser is the brilliant commander of an endless army of Koopas. If he was my BFF, he would probably give me a few minions of my own to command, if I asked nicely. My first act of business would be to dethrone the world’s tyrants (especially of the orange variety).


Bwa ha ha ha! There you have it. Bowser rocks and he will always be my favourite villain. There are definitely worse evils to have in my life, that’s for sure.

Which video game villain would you want to have in your life? Feel free to share in the comment area thingy below.

Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “Charming and Open: My Recurring Villain

  1. First reaction: I want this as a TV show.
    I’m glad there are other Bowser fans out there who realize he’s a pretty cool guy when it gets down to it. Having a tough roommate who can also be a positive role model would probably help those qualities to shine through more. And hey, I’m sure his fighting skills could only be improved by studying a bit of combat hapkido!

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  2. I feel like Bowser goes through life like a bull in the china shop. Even when he doesn’t want to be bad, he’s pretty destructive anyways.

    So just make sure you’ve got good insurance. I’d imagine you’d be surrounded by collateral damage.

    Liked by 1 person

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