I Be Shufflin’ Da Music Tag

This post brought to you by the amazing Halsdol! Thanks for tagging me in the music related blogger award thingy called “Shuffle the Music”. Seriously, go check out this awesome blogger (you don’t even have to come back to this post). The gist of this award is to share 5-15 of my favourite songs in this post. Sounds like something I can handle, hopefully.

music tag

Before I start, I just want to mention that NO ONE can shuffle the music better than Cary. Anyway, here’s 5 random songs off the top of my head. They WILL NOT be Christmas themed as I’ve had my fill of those tunes already. So to recap: incoming are 5 random non-holiday songs I like, in no particular order. Got it? Good. Here we go!

Disclaimer: My taste in music may be horrible, and I have NO IDEA what I’m talking about when it comes to music.

My Hands by Leona Lewis

My hands don’t wanna start again
My hands, no they don’t wanna understand
My hands, they just shake and try to break whatever peace I may find
My hands, they only agree to hold your hands
And they don’t wanna be without your hands
And they will not let me go
No they will not let me go

Not normally my type of music, BUT this has incredibly special feelz for me one huge reason – it plays in the Final Fantasy XIII International Trailer. Aw, so many memories… sniffs. Hate all you want, internet. I will always and forever love this story, and these amazing characters. ✊💗

Timebomb by Pink

I don’t want to be flawless
When I go I want the cuts to show
So take it
Take this
Oh, you can have all of me
Break it
Take it
Oh, fuck it, have everything!!

I swear I’m really not usually into this pop-y stuff, but I love Pink as an artist and person, and she has pink hair (sometimes) which is awesome! She also encourages people to be who they are, and doesn’t strut around like most of the other celebrity people I hate. I really like her song Stupid Girls (a parody of the superficial crap running rampant in our world), but the message about fearing love/life in Timebomb speaks to me a lot.

Nobody Praying For Me by Seether

I’m a whisper lost upon wind
I’m the ember that’ll burn you down
I’m the water that’ll drown you
I’m a star that’s just a black hole now
I’m a terrifying danger
I’m a fruit decaying on the ground
I’m a swallower of anger
I’m the tree that falls that makes no sound
I make no sound

This superb song by Seether sums up how I feel when I bottle up too many of those painful feeling thingys. We all want what we just can’t have… RAWR!!

Metroid Prime Phendrana Drifts Metal Remix by Stemage

The original song is probably my favourite track from Metroid Prime, and would easily make it on a “Top 13 Video Game Songs” list for me. It’s chilling and mystical, yet peaceful and relaxing. I stumbled on this killer metal version of it on YouTube, and I can’t stop listening to it. It adds badass guitars and drums, but preserves the vibes from the original song so perfectly. So good!!

Feather by Meg Myers

Words taste bitter
Frozen every time I see a pair of eyes
Momma can I sleep forever?
Wake me when the birds light up the sky

When the drums and stuff kick in… just wow! What I love most about this song is the overall message about not letting your own selfish misery hold you down. Dust off those broken wings, and keep flying for a brighter future! You got this.

LightningEllen’s official tagging policy for chain letter… I mean, award posts is: I love everyone who read this so if you want to do a similar post, consider yourself tagged!

⚡Thanks for reading!⚡

13 thoughts on “I Be Shufflin’ Da Music Tag

  1. Nice mix! “Phendrana Drifts” is also my favorite song from the Metroid Prime soundtrack. I’ve listened to a couple different mixes of it, but that metal one is super awesome. It really kicks the song into overdrive! Also, I’ve probably heard that Seether track a million times, but I never new the name of it, haha. Good stuff all around.

    P. S. Thanks for the shoutout! 🙂

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  2. I have to admit I don’t really have that many game soundtracks, though I feel that being into games can really set one up for having an eclectic taste in music. It’s because gaming fans are exposed to many different styles of music to evoke different moods.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Being into games probably encouraged me to try out entire genres of music I wouldn’t otherwise. Then again, maybe it’s possible that being into a variety of games translated well to being into a variety of music. Which electronic albums have you been giving a listen, by the way?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Some of my favourite artists are Maduk, Pegboard Nerds, and Feint. There’s an independent music label called Monstercat based here in Canada. They stream music from many artists for free on their YouTube channel. I discovered a lot of cool songs that way 🙂

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