Question of the Month: Dec 2017 Edition

Bwa ha ha ha ha!!

For those of you who don’t know, the talented folks over at Later Levels host an event called Question of the Month. As the name implies, a question is asked each month and a group of great bloggers submit answers. These answers are then compiled into a poll for everyone to vote on, and a winner is chosen based on the results. Sounds like a fun and friendly competition, eh? It sure does!

Yay! My brain seems to be slightly functioning again. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I’ve been a little quiet around here lately… I also skipped out on last month’s Question of the Month because I couldn’t think of an answer, for some reason. Whatever! Right now words are being typed as I think things so I’m just rolling with it. Oh and here’s my answer for this month’s festive question:

Which video game character would do a better job than Santa?

And to that I say – Jolly Ol’ Bowser, the King Koopa himself. You might be thinking: “Um, why? Isn’t he a bad dude who likes kidnapping princesses and attacking innocent plumbers?” Well, truthfully, nobody’s perfect or can ever hope to compete with the overpowered Santa Claus (and his smug reindeer squad). But, I’ve always loved Bowser for as long as I can remember, and I wished he would grab that pretty princess for good.

qotm dec 2017
He cleans up good too! Peachy couldn’t ask for a nicer kidnapper.

Playing Mario games around the holiday season was a thing I did a lot, so Bowser and Christmas have a special connection for me. He also has a lot of great qualities that I think would make him the perfect Santa Claus candidate.

Yoshi’s Island, a Christmas gift one year long ago, was probably the first video game I ever beat. This Bowser fight was just so badass!! The music rocked too! 🤘

Okay, I had a LONG day at work and I’m running out of brain energy to type things, so I’ll just get on with this. Here’s 100 words on why I think Bowser is ze better Santy:

Owner of a fleet of speedy airships, and tenacious leader of an endless army of Parakoopas… who needs a tiny sleigh pulled by boring flying reindeer? Big bad Bowser is NOT fitting down any chimneys, but his loyal minions would unquestionably jump in to deliver the goods. Bowser definitely has the resources to beat Santa at world gift giving, but why would he do it? Simple! Bowser is not all evil. He loves his son more than kidnapping Peach and would do whatever it takes to make Jr. proud of him for once – by finally besting a man wearing red.

qotm dec 2017 2

Check out Later Levels at 06:00 GMT on Dec 1st to see the official post, and also the poll you can vote on.

Wannabe Writer’s Notes:
– It’s taken me over two years, but this is my 100th post. Woo ya!! 😀
– Yes, I wrote this post while rockin’ out to the Bowser theme in Yoshi’s Island.
– If anyone needs me I’ll be playing Dragon Age II until I pass out. I may write another post again, one day. Laterz y’all!

⚡Thanks for reading!⚡

38 thoughts on “Question of the Month: Dec 2017 Edition

  1. It makes sense. Bowser’s apparently skilled at breaking into Peach’s Castle and messing up the place/stealing stuff without anyone noticing, just like Santa does. He’s apparently got a beguiling glamour for children, just like Santa does. I’d hesitate a bit before making the full comparison, because Bowser’s got some redeeming qualities, and is not just a giant fat creep who watches you all the time, but he tries.

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  2. Congrats on reaching the 100 post milestone. A session of DA2 sounds like a good reward for all that hard work.

    I think my nephew would be okay with King Koopa taking over Xmas. He likes animated characters but is terrified of mall Santas.

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  3. Congratulations on 100 posts! I’ve always thought Bowser was good to his children, not just Bowser junior but the rest of the Koopa kids who aren’t even his biological children. He busts his hump so they can have castles and airships and magic wands. He would make a good Santa.

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  4. I was sceptical about this one when you proposed it, but you have major points. His army can be put to work on this and be very effective, he’s shown to have some of Mario’s Warp Pipe finesse down as well and he is a caring father. So yeah, I’ll grant you that Bowser Claus is a pretty nice concept.

    I’ve been reading everyone’s and it seems that as usual my answer, which was Mario, is not going to get any votes whatsoever 😛

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  5. Great answer! I loveeeee Bowser (eventually his memoirs of a villain post will be complete lol) and I can see why he would make a great Santa! Bowser can also send the Koopa Kids to secure all of the presents… by whatever means necessary haha.

    -Luna 🙂

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  6. But your shero can move fast like lightning *runs away*

    Okay, Bowser is a really good choice, especially since he has that fleet of airships. Trying to figure out if my one-winged general could beat him for speed. Glowing eyes are WAY better than a glowing reindeer nose though, don’t you think?

    I think Link in the games where he has that warp ability would be pretty stellar. He could get it down pretty quickly, plus isn’t his bomb bag basically a bag of holding?

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    1. I was seriously considering answering Lightning as Santa, haha.

      Thank you! Mako green eyes are definitely much more awesome than a boring, glowing reindeer nose. That’s for sure!

      Someone did answer Link… the competition is fierce this month!

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      1. So, useless factoid, but reindeer noses actually DO glow red…INFRAred that is. Since they live in colder climes, it helps to keep them warm. Also Rudolph would have to be a female reindeer since only they have horns in the winter. I listen a LOT of cartoon, movie, and game theory videos at work 😀

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  7. Yes, I can easily see Bowser as Santa. While he could be tempted to be a Grinch he proably would do right thing and spread cheer all over the Mushroom Kingdom. Maybe this time Peach will see him a different light as well and invite him over for some Christmas cake to enjoy. A good post Ellen, I enjoyed reading it this early in the morning 🙂

    Stay Cozy and enjoy the holiday!

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