Spirits ‘n’ Sprites: Lightning in a Bottle


A gamer walks into a bar…

…and asks for Lightning in a Bottle.

Welcome back to Spirits ‘n’ Sprites, a temporary bar set up and maintained by AmbiGaming! In case you missed our last fabulous game-themed cocktail we served up, you can find our special recipes here.

Just let me pull a few bottles off the shelf, and I’ll show you the secret to capturing Lightning in a Bottle.

Lightning Farron. The woman you both want to get drunk and desperately hope you never see drunk. She’d either be a lot of fun, or punch the living crap out of anyone who looked at her sideways (or compared her to someone named Cloud). Or both.

Yeah. Both.

Image result for lightning farron Lightning is not amused.

What to say about Lightning? Tough as nails, very guarded, and a heart of gold. Oh, and pink hair. While some might be turned off by her initial…

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