Luna’s Writing Prompt – Haunted Mansion Mania

Hello internet people and spam bots!

In this much less exciting post-Blogger Blitz blogging era (thanks again to Adventure Rules for creating such a fun event!), I find myself a little lost and really interested in collaborating with the great blogger folks out there. Actually, I’m quite proud of myself for playing nice with others lately. For example:

I’ve always had this problem – I love writing, but there’s this annoying little voice in my head that says I suck at everything and should probably just give up on it (that may apply to life in general too). Surprisingly, Blogger Blitz gave me a jolt of badly needed confidence. So many people said so many nice things about my wannabe writing skillz… I’m incredibly flattered, and my inner self-loathing critic seems to be melting, slowly. I’m not gonna lie, I was terrified when I pushed my shero into the crazy Blogger Blitz shenanigans, but in the end I learned a lot. The most important lesson – never be afraid to try new things. Sure, you might suck at it, but you will always learn something from the experience.

Enter this writing prompt thingy! Luna of GamersUnitedGG started this cool Guest Blog Challenge. Here’s how this works: Luna gave a Halloween themed writing prompt and you are suppose to finish the scenario in 500 words or less. The winner gets to choose the next theme and have a guest post on her website.

My first thought was: What an awesome idea! My second thought was: I would totally suck at this so never mind. Then I read Overthinker Y’s spooktacular response and felt inspired. I may indeed suck like I think I do, but I’m going to give it a go anyway. My inner critic ain’t the boss of me no more! I can be terrible and still have fun, right?

Prompt: You are transported into a video game where you are inside of a Haunted Mansion. You hear a strange noise and open the door to find what?

My crazy response:

Oh Maker, what the hell happened to me? I was stuffing my face with turkey (Canadian Thanksgiving FTW, eh!), minding my own damn business, when suddenly the real world shattered. I panicked in confusion for a good 10 minutes, and now my hand’s shaking on a rusty doorknob in some freaky freaking video game mansion. I don’t wanna know what that horrifying otherworldly noise is, bellowing on the other side of this ominous door. But I have to open it… there could be an achievement for it!

My thoughts race as I slowly nudge the creaky door open. I’m not Jill Valentine… if there’s a zombified bioweapon in there, I’m screwed. I’m not a Grey Warden… if it’s a Broodmother, the Blight can just take me now. I’m not Senua… although these persistent negative voices in my head coupled with this whole mansion hallucination could definitely be classified as psychosis! I’m not Aloy… a corrupted Stalker would tear me apart. I’m not Samus… I wonder how a Metroid would react to a flamethrower? I’m not Ellie… that better not be a clicking sound I just heard. As much as I wish I was, I’m not Lightning either… there’s no way I can take down a Cie’th like my badass shero. I’m just weak ol’ Ellen and why can’t this be a cheery level in a Mario game?

Ah well, none of us are here forever, eh? Might as well fearfully face this thing head-on. The door is only half open when I dropkick it off its hinges. The resulting crash echoes down a seemingly endless hallway. To my relieved shock, there’s nothing but me standing in here. The lengthy room in kinda twisted – it’s like a big crooked funhouse attraction. Interesting, I guess. No sign of whatever terror was making that noise either. I shrug with fear and awkwardly shuffle down the path before me.

I’m about halfway to nowhere when a creepy whooshing sound comes from above. I’m NOT looking up so I look at my feet. And oh man, what’s this? A growing circular shadow is consuming the floor around me. Uh… okay? This does seem familiar, somehow… some way. Come on, Ellen! Think dammit… It’s too late for me… I’m gonna die here! I just close my eyes and await fate’s ultimate outcome.

The next thing I know, something has clamped itself around me. I struggle with every ounce of strength I have, but the hold only gets tighter. It feels like I’m being crushed… so hard to breathe. I struggle to open my eyes and see my feet are lifting off the floor. I’m also in the grip of a giant hand… it’s a Wallmaster! I know what’s happening, but I have no strength left. I uncontrollably gasp for air as the hallway fades into all-out nothingness.

I shoot up from my couch and look around in confusion. There’s an empty rum bottle beside me and the turkey’s all gone. Dude, I gotta quit drinking.

There you have it! My writing prompt story thingy. I had a fun writing it and have no idea if it makes any sense. *bows to an absent crowd*

Wannabe Writer’s Notes:
– Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! Don’t worry, my jealous American friends. Your day will come soon enough.

Thanks for reading!

20 thoughts on “Luna’s Writing Prompt – Haunted Mansion Mania

  1. One has said it before and one shall say it again – you is a very good writer. So keep at it. That’s an order, comrade! Now, excuse me, I have to go and tend to Moronic Farm on Stardew Valley. I just got some chickens in and the vegetables are growing.

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  2. Thank you for entering Ellen! I really enjoyed your story and it had me laughing (here at work lol ) the whole way through! Side Note: I’m super happy that you are gaining confidence because I really enjoy your writing! It’s funny and well humored and yes, it does make sense! I picked up on most of those references at the beginning before you kicked in the door#GamersUnite lol. Good luck!

    -Luna 😀

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