Blogger Blitz Grand Finale

Hello internet people and spam-bots!

Despite all odds, I find myself grateful to be competing in the final Blogger Blitz match! This incredibly fun event was created by Adventure Rules way back in July. It started out with 8 bloggers and their chosen video game heroes, and now it all comes down to this. Here is the last crazy scenario poor Lightning will have to go through:

“You have been invited by the steward of the Mushroom Kingdom to assist them with a royal problem. The infant princess, Baby Peach, has begun to develop strange abilities based on her emotions. She literally cries rivers, when she’s angry she bursts into flame, her happiness causes her to float in the air and produce bursts of wind – the only emotional state in which the castle and its staff are safe from her is when she is calm. A doctor is preparing a cure but a courier has to make an overnight trip to pick it up. So the steward needs someone to protect Peach’s Castle from her emotion powers until the cure is delivered.

‘Why not just take her out of the castle?’ you might ask. As fate would have it, there’s an issue with the castle’s power source, the Power Stars. They’ve malfunctioned and now the only thing keeping them running is Peach’s presence in the castle. If she leaves, the Stars will fail and be scattered across the kingdom.

‘We tried having the castle wizard place a spell on her to make her sleep through the night,’ the steward explains, ‘but she is immune to any magic that influences her emotional state.’ There’s another problem too – taking advantage of the castle’s current vulnerability, the evil wizard Kamek has summoned six warriors from other worlds to attack the Mushroom Kingdom. You might recognize them as the defeated competitors from the Blogger Blitz challenge. These warriors, under Kamek’s control, will stop at nothing to kidnap Peach and leave the castle in ruins.”

Wow! That’s a lot of stuff going down with just 1200 words to do it in, eh? I’m extra hard on myself so I’ve taken the liberty of adding another challenge. In my story, Lightning will have none of her L’Cie or demigoddess-like powers, and she can’t summon Odin. It’s just her determination and her Gunblade against the world.

My opponent this time is Sheikah Plate sponsoring Link the Legendary Hero himself. This incredibly talented writer, and WordPress super chef, has swept and almost-swept the votes in her last two matches as well. Let’s be honest here, I’ll let the judges decide but I don’t think a Sheikah Plate backed Link is capable of losing anything. Check out her post for Link to see for yourself, which should be up at some point today. I also love Link and the Legend of Zelda series a lot, so there is no shame in losing this match at all.

Check out Adventure Rules this Friday to watch Link mop me up!

Writing a Blogger Blitz post always makes me more emotional than Baby Peach. Lightning just triggers very special feelz for me and I owe her character more than I can describe. I decided to just go crazy writing my story, with no intention of actually winning. During this whole thing, I’ve had so much fun reading everyone’s entries, laughing at Ian’s epic drawings in the results posts, and trying to improve my writing skillz through my own posts. I’m kind of sad this whole thing is almost over now.

Thank you so much to everyone involved with this event! It’s been an honor to participate and I appreciate everyone reading my entries. I love everyone here on WordPress so thanks to everyone for making me feel like a part of something, for once.


Before I start crying rivers of tears, I guess I better get this done. Everything must end eventually… so buckle up internet! It’s time to take a wild trip through my wicked imagination. If nothing else, let my story be a warning to never let Square Enix get the rights to Batman, Mega Man, Zelda, Resident Evil, Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Mario, and Pokémon.


Dear Lightning,

Please come to the castle. I’ve baked a cake for you.

Yours Truly,
Princess Toadstool (Peach!)

Um, a cake… seriously? I crumple the note in disgust, letting out an annoyed sigh. Whatever awaits me behind these castle doors, it obviously has nothing to do with tasty baked goods. The demented God of All-Games hasn’t finished with me yet, dropping me and Link in this world for one final test – the climax of a multidimensional competition I wanted nothing to do with. To top it off, Odin was banished and I’ve been stripped of my powers… I’m left with just my Gunblade and a vague warning about Kamek’s Fallen Six. I’m from a JRPG so I know – getting the plot is half the battle. Whatever’s happening, at least it all ends here. I shove the door open and charge toward the throne room. Might as well get this over with.

“Hey! Listen! Hello?!” I grind to a halt when a squeaky voice grates on my last nerve.

Near the throne room door, I see Link – the courageous hero – crumpled on the floor in defeat. His fairy pest – Navi, I think – hovering around him with concern. Looks like he’s got… food poisoning? Huh, I’m sure there’s some irony in that… I know he’s a good cook, but it seems some Dubious Food got to him. I feel for the guy, but looks like I’m on my own for this.

In the darkened throne room, Princess Peach greets me holding the promised cake – though one slice is missing. Something’s not right here… her eyes are just tiny beads. On instinct, I step back and draw my blade. Crazed laughter follows as Peach morphs into a tiny purple glob; it calls itself ‘Ditto‘…?

“Lightning! Doll, glad you made it… what?? Too good for cake, darlin’? Your elf pal liked my cake…” An insane clown’s ramblings continue while I quickly survey the now lit room. Seems I’m dealing with two of The Fallen Six – The Joker… and Pokémon Ranger decides to show up, finally.

I piece together my situation from Joker’s babbling. It seems a Paradox has struck this castle. The real Peach has been reverted to baby form, and this realm’s evil wizard – Kamek – has corrupted the competition’s six defeated warriors. They want to kidnap Peach, steal the castle’s Power Stars… then they can leave it in ruins. These two were meant to take Link and I out, while the rest do the job.

“Aw… no love story, Lighty?” The grinning clown leans closer to me, and I feel rage boiling as his next words spill. “Y’know, I’m great at getting people hitched!! I could see ya with that Cloud guy or… Snow?”

Joker immediately drops to the floor, out cold with a twisted nose. I have a mean right hook and I don’t want love. The Ranger flees with his purple Poke-buddy – guess he doesn’t want to dance with me now.

I bolt for the room where Peach and her servants are hiding. My instincts tell me to duck and a soccer ball flies over my head, at a calculated velocity that doesn’t matter. I turn to face Mega Man… robots really hold grudges.

Sure, send the invincible robot to grab the kid… how’s a hated mortal like me suppose to counter that? My potent rage bubbles up but I steel my mind, remembering everything has a weakness – there are no other robots here to give him super abilities. I draw my Gunblade and a firefight starts. My honed battle instincts crush his mechanical calculations. Heart beats cold logic, once again.

No time to waste! I charge inside Peach’s room… there’s some bad Vibes in here. The room is being flooded by a river of her tears while she wails uncontrollably. The mushroom-head in charge looks singed from a burst of her anger as he explains the problem. Basically, the kid’s emotions are out of control and capable of mass castle destruction. She’s beyond the reach of magic, but a doctor is coming with a cure. I need to calm her down until he arrives… I hate dealing with feelings.

Reluctantly, I approach the sobbing kid, unsure of what to do. She’s… adorable. On instinct, I gently pick her up, cradle her in my arms, and sternly whisper: “Control your emotions.” She gawks up at me and relaxes. If I put her down, the river resumes. Wouldn’t be the first needy kid I’ve had to babysit. Oh look, she’s playing with a strand of my hair… aw… I will protect her!!

I realize the Power Star chamber is vulnerable and three of The Fallen Six remain. I’ve got no choice and charge down the hall – kid in one arm, Gunblade in my other hand.

Near the entrance, Guybrush Threepwood blocks my way. He’s wildly waving a sword while singing an epic sea shanty, for some reason. Wait… did he just say I fight like a cow? Before I attack, Peach floats in the air, amused by his song. She spawns a mini tornado that blows Guy out a nearby window. Whatever works, I guess.

Peach calms in my arms again as I enter the chamber. Inside, I catch Indiana Jones trying to raid the Power Star altar. He’s indecisive, thinking it’s a trap, and doesn’t notice me. I use this to my advantage and sneak up behind him, bashing him over the head with my Gunblade’s hilt. Guess it didn’t have to be snakes this time. With the Power Star chamber secured, I can relax for a bit. I gently rock the kid in my arms for a few precious minutes.

“STARS!!” A twisted howl interrupts the maternal moment.

I cover the kid’s eyes as what’s left of Claire Redfield smashes through the doorway, dragging Ganondorf’s severed arm behind her like a toy. Her methods were questionable, but she clearly got the job done – all it cost was her humanity. After brutalizing the King of Evil, she was picked up by the Umbrella Corporation… seems she graduated from their Nemesis program.

“STARS!!” I hear the creature constantly howling. She must be craving the castle’s power source.

Have to act fast. I put the kid down safely behind the altar, tell her to stay strong, and cut off a lock of my hair. She understands and calmly stays put, while I jump out to fight. The mutated bioweapon hits hard, but she’s no different than a Cie’th – shoot ‘em enough times and they die. I don’t need powers… I’m still the Commando in an army of one. Soon, the bloodied creature collapses motionless to the floor, ravaged by slashes and bullet holes.

A crowd of mushroom-heads and the doctor rush in. They’re giving Peach the cure, but the creature stirs. In her dying breath, she launches a volley of spikes at the kid. No!! I won’t let this happen!

I react faster than a bolt of lightning, throwing myself in the way. The spikes cut into me instead. I fall to my knees, my strength drains away… I’m… where am I?

No one needs me… no more pain… no sorrow… just darkness invading a failing light…



37 thoughts on “Blogger Blitz Grand Finale

  1. THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!! Congratulations and good luck this week! This was a very interesting post and the way you defeated the fallen 6, even my lovable Joker was perfect. The punch to Joker’s Jaw is exactly the kind of thing that would happen lol. I really love how you integrated the Fallen and when the tornado blew Guy out the window, I lauughed. You did a fantstic job protecting the princess 🙂


    Liked by 4 people

  2. Wow! This was amazingly written. I’m not sure I stand a chance against such a character as Lightning! I love how you linked to all the previous competitions and you really made me laugh with your little jokes. A fantastic finale to a wonderful challenge

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you!! I feel like Lightning is misunderstood a lot, so it was nice to try and show how awesome she is to me. I think you and Link did fantastic!! I’m really glad I’m not a judge, haha. I’m also glad you enjoyed my cheesy one liners 😀

      Liked by 2 people

        1. It shows how much you love Link in your post! Actually, the way everyone has stood behind their characters during the event is so heartwarming 🙂 I tried to be as respectful as possible when Lightning had to take them out in this entry.

          Liked by 2 people

  3. Congratulations on making it to the Finals! Taking on the 6 again and saving Peach from her emotions is definitely a tough task, but we all know that Lightning has never backed down from such a quest. Win or lose it’s definitely been a lot of fun reading your stories. You definitely give a lot of fun details each time. I’ll miss Lightning’s OP abilities, but I suppose it’s more fair this way than simply summoning Odin and vaporizing the place! (Which would also be an auto defeat since you’re supposed to protect the place :p)

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Reblogged this on Adventure Rules and commented:
    The championship has begun, adventurers! LightningEllen and her shero have fought hard to reach this point, and now it’s Lightning against the world. With only her grit and her Gunblade to get her through, will this stern and jaded woman be able to soften herself enough to care for a child? Find out in this post and be sure to return on Friday September 29th at 9 AM EST to see the results of the championship match!

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  5. omg… i almost cried at the end 😦

    this was so good. It’s like a narrative to smash bros, but with more universes melded into the mix, and super dark. You do such a good job of seeing things from Lightning’s POV.

    I couldn’t help but laugh, although it was a gruesome image, Zombie Claire coming in throwing around Ganondorfs arm was such a nice touch. I really like that you conveyed all the events details in this post. I really like how Mega Man introduces himself but kicking a soccer ball. So good.

    Can’t wait for the results!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much! I’m really glad you liked my entry so much. 😀 Also, thanks again for sharing on Twitter!!

      Nemesis-Claire was really dark humor and I laughed a bit when I dreamed that up… it just seemed so Resident Evil, haha. I’m not sure what the judges will think of the darker tone though, so I’m excited & terrified for Friday!

      Liked by 3 people

  6. This deserves an Owen Wilson level of: “Wow.”
    I have only begun my FFXIII journey so I don’t have a huge feel for Lightning’s character yet, but I feel it here. Conflicted between the need to be strong the need to be loved. Tremendous power and tremendous vulnerability. Also, she kicks ass. You built a little world here off Adventure Rules’ template which I was totally immersed in. Great job with this challenge, and congrats on getting this far! Anxiously awaiting the results.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. An award-worthy ending, Ellen! Had me on the edge of my seat throughout – your writing style and pace simply suit this contest beautifully. I’ve loved reading all of your installments and wish you the best of luck in the judging phase! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Congrats on making it to the finals! No easy feat there, especially considering what you’ve been up against. Says something nice about you and Lightning. Can’t say I expected her to go down at the end there, though 😮

    Liked by 1 person

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