Question of the Month: Sept 2017 Edition

Hello, internet!

For those of you who don’t know, the talented folks over at Later Levels host an event called Question of the Month. As the name implies, a question is asked each month and a group of great bloggers submit answers. These answers are then compiled into a poll for everyone to vote on, and a winner is chosen based on the results. Sounds like a fun and friendly competition, eh? It sure does!

I’ve been following & voting for a couple months now. Recently, I decided I wanted to throw my pink wig into the ring. Kim was nice enough to let me in on the action when I asked, so here I am with my answer to this month’s question:

Who’s the most memorable video game NPC?

Unfortunately, my true answer was already taken (meaning I’ll likely be voting against myself), but I went with my next best childhood memory: Taj the Genie from Diddy Kong Racing.

Such a beautiful place, if you ignore the giant space pig.

I’m sorry Mario, but in my nostalgia filled eyes, Diddy Kong had the superior kart racer on the good ol’ Nintendo 64. Sure, the story was kinda nuts – A giant, very evil, space pig randomly takes over a defenseless little tiger’s island, and the only way to stop him is to race people for, uh, balloons…? It made no sense at all, but it really added to the game’s whimsical charm! There were angry animal bosses to race, a beautiful island overworld to explore, unforgettable racetracks, secrets to uncover, and most awesomely – DAVID WISE MUSIC! I can’t tell you how many hours I spent on that island as a kid, and to this day, I still declare it my 4th favourite game of all-time.

Sage advice, my blue elephant friend!

Your best friend during this crazy racing journey was Taj, the island’s resident genie. In just 100 words or less, can I convince you just how memorable he is? Let’s find out! I like to be wordy, so this is going to be a challenge..

“Hello there! I am the genie of the island. I’m here to help you.” The first words I heard in a game, and Taj was always there for me after that. EVERYTIME I won a race, he flew over on his magical carpet and awarded me a shiny balloon. EVERYTIME I needed to change vehicles on the overworld, I had to crash into him, or honk on a giant picture of his face on the ground. No matter how much I sucked, he always told me what a great racer I was. I’ll never forget the big blue elephant guy!


Wow! One hundred words sure goes fast. Well, there’s my first attempt at Question of the Month. Check out Later Levels at 06:00 GMT on Sept 1st to see the official post, and also the poll you can vote on.

Wannabe Writer’s Notes:
– Hey! I just went a whole post without saying Lightning…. never mind.

⚡Thanks for reading!⚡

35 thoughts on “Question of the Month: Sept 2017 Edition

  1. YES! Diddy Kong Racing for the win! Planes, Cars, & Hovercraft!

    Diddy Kong Racing gave us exploration, adventure, & Mini Bosses!
    Which is why we picked this game up re-building our N64 collection
    asap and still have yet to purchase Mario Kart 64 (sorry not sorry)

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  2. It was bloody difficult, too. That mode where you have to win the race AND get all the silver coins… what crazed debauchery was that? Friendly old Taj was always there to put a smile on my face, though, right after I’d punched my TV in utter outrage and had a 10 minute fist waving temper tantrum. True story.

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  3. suuuch a good game. I played it to death, even did the tracks backwards or whatever you got when you beat it the first time. Nintnedo should make a mondern version, I’d snatch it up in a heart beat.

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  4. Omgggg I remember Taj, he was super awesome! Diddd Kong racing was a really fun game, I liked playing in the hoverboats most of all and I normally played as pipsey or Conker! I can’t wait to vote and read everyone else’s answers!


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  5. Love the last line lol. I remember in high school I was obsessed with The Simpsons like FFVII obsessed, and a classmate bet I couldn’t go the whole day without talking about them. Well I made it to 8th period and was proud of myself, so I told him “See I told you I could go the whole day without talking about The Simpsons!” Then we fought about whether or not I had lost the bet in my mere mentioning. Semantics 😑

    I don’t know who my favorite NPC is, but I have an idea for an FFF question, and I’ll have to check out this question of the month!

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    1. Thanks, haha. I can really talk about other characters… but I love Lightning, dammit! 🙂 I was very obsessed with the Simpsons in high school too.

      Definitely check out Later Levels if you’re not following them already. They do all kinds of cool posts, including cosplay stuff.

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  6. I was shocked at the no Lightning mentions but at least you got it in at the last second :p I never got to play the Diddy racing so I had no idea who Taj was. Seems like a pretty nice guy and braking for turns is definitely a must even in games where they never actually tell you that. Definitely cool that you’re gonna be in these Question of the Month segments, they’re a lot of fun!

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  7. We took the N64 up to Orlando last week,
    & our nephews LOVED Diddy Kong Racing,
    by far it was the game they wanted to play
    over & over! I was so happy to introduce
    them to this beloved game, their choice of
    characters were Tiptup & Pipsy, while I
    stuck with my tried & true favorite Timber.

    We had so much fun!!! Long live the N64

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