Das Liebster Award 2.0 and #BloggerBlitz is ON!!

I’ve been dealing with some serious blogger’s block lately. The root cause is my inner critic’s need to constantly remind me about how much I suck at everything, and I’m not quite sure how to shut her up again, yet. I truly am my own worst enemy most of the time… Anyway, while I struggle to find some coherent words, the cupcake-mass-producing, machete-wielding, expert-book-reviewing, and all around awesome blogger cupcakesandmachetes was nice enough to nominate me for a Liebtser award-tag-blog-chain-letter thingy. I already did one way back when, but I think I’ll try to answer ze questions in a new post anyway! I’ll also try to keep my self-loathing to a minimum.

1 – Do you consider yourself an artist in any way when it comes to music, art, crafts, or hobbies?

Nope! I actually have no marketable skills AT ALL, and a very limited edu-ma-cation. I’m surprised and grateful I have an awesome job, honestly.

2- What’s your favorite type of music or your favorite band?

I enjoy any music that has a soul and inspires me, no matter the type (i.e., anything that’s not about slammin’ all yo bitches in da clubz, how stupid crunk yall wanna get, or how much better bling-bling yas ownz, and like yo yo… yos. Sup, dawgz????). Excuse me. Anyway, it’s really hard for me to pick any favs, though I’ve been listening to electronic music a lot lately. I like how it reminds me of video game themes, and the more obscure the artist, the more I usually like it. Here are some random samples of my overall terrible musical tastes:

3- What’s your favorite thing to do?

Play video games while pretending that everything is going to be okay! Everything. Will. Be. Okay… Right? Right?? Namaste.

4- Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I was born on my birthday.

5- Does blogging ever stress you out?

Not exactly. I don’t get stressed per se. It’s more like a nagging “why the fuck am I doing this and what is the meaning of existence??” kinda dark feeling that creeps up on me a lot. I love the community here so I’ll always be around spamming people’s interesting blogs with my likes and rambling comments. As for the future of my blog, I really have no idea anymore.

6- Do you like to cook?

Does boiling water count? If so, then no. Skeikah Plate is really inspiring though!!

7- What’s your favorite reading genre?

Is non-marketed and/or “written by an aspiring author who should definitely be recognized officially by a greedy publisher, dammit!” a genre? Truthfully, I’ve really had no interest in reading up until recently. My liking of it now is thanks to many great book review bloggers here on WordPress. Video games have been my number one form of entertainment since I can remember. Everything else always seemed pretty meh to me (TV and movies included).  Where was I going with this again…? Oh yeah! I like reading fanfictions and other not officially “published” works the most. Here are some superb examples:

8- Are you on Goodreads?

I sure am. Feel free to friend me if you’re desperate.

9- Do you like where you live?

Yup! See directly below for view from apartment window.

the view
When the leaves fall of those trees, I have a magnificent view of the beautiful Halifax Harbour. The trees are pretty to look at until then.

10- What kinds of foods do you like to eat?

Boring healthy things usually. That entire tub of Fudge Brownie ice cream I polished off last night was fabulous though. 😍

11- What’s your favorite season?

Fall. Even though that cranky bastard winter is lurking around the corner, autumn is so cool and refreshing. The hot sticky summer days are done, and all the trees around here turn nice colours.

That’s all folks! I tag whomever the hell wants to do this, with the exact same questions, because I’m super-lazy, uncreative, and ANY real human who read this is an awesome person who deserves to do whatever they want (the internet sanctioned spam-bot army that hovers here just makes me feel better about my view stats).

***Special Announcement***

It’s on like Donkey Kong! On July 31st, be prepared to see my entry in the Adventure Rules Blogger Blitz event. Lightning Farron and I are going up against my incredibly talented rival, NekoJonez with Indiana Jones, in the Retail Rumble of the century. Two champions will enter. Only one can mass-produce and market one of their signature items the… best-est? (I’m already working on my loser speech! 🏳️)

Stay tuned! The contest rules with be posted on Adventure Rules this Monday.

Laterz peeps. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in original Thedas trying to stop the Blight. With my dreamily awkward knightly man Alistair, and my badass best friend Leliana both watching my back I cannot fail! (I’ll let you guess what game that is. See Twitter name for hint.)

I hope everyone has a fantastically happy week!!

33 thoughts on “Das Liebster Award 2.0 and #BloggerBlitz is ON!!

  1. Excited to see Lightning and Indy square off against each other!

    Congratulations on the award, by the way, and I’m sorry to see that Lightning is passed out on the shore. Regarding the game you’re playing, I can’t quite tell what it is, but it sounds like it’s one of the most amazing games ever. I’d probably love it to pieces if I ever played it…. *whistles and swings arms while walking away innocently*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Should be quite the showdown! I plan to crash and burn, epically 😀 I can’t remember who the judges were now, but I know they are all talented, amazing, and fair people. On an unrelated note, if FedEx delivers you a package tomorrow containing 5 Mass Effect Andromeda CEs, and a limited edition 1/16th scale statue of Leliana, that totally wasn’t from me… 😉 😉 *nudge nudge*

      Thanks! Lightning’s life isn’t all glorious Snow Punching and disastrous birthdays, that’s for sure. Well, you’ll see. I think you’re playing that FFXIII disaster now, aren’t you? You would really dig this Dragon Age Origins game I’m playing now though. It’s so good!! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I don’t remember who the judges are, either. But I do know that if a package like that showed up on my doorstep, I’d immediately have a heart attack and die the happiest gamer on the planet.

        If it’s disastrous, it’s because I’m not so good at turn-based combat. Or the weapon-upgrades system. All of which may have to do with not being able to read my freaking television screen. Ahem.

        Ugh you’re making me want to play DAO, now!!! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Consider that package, several video game sword replicas, and a shiny new top-of-the-line 60″ TV yours, if I ever win the lottery.

          The weapons upgrade system does suck in FFXIII, I’ll admit that, haha. If you ever need any tips, let me know! I definitely don’t know what I’m doing, but I have all the guides 😀

          I could see myself doing multiple playthroughs of DAO, but sadly I have an out of control backlog monster to deal with… sigh.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I am honoured to appear in the list of book things. One day that thing may be published and anyone who buys a copy will get a free tub of houmous.

    Fall (known as “autumn” in England, as “fall” here means to trip over something and shatter a limb) is the best season. Then winter. Then spring. I dislike summer. Summer is evil.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. congrats! Like the view from the apartment. You know, I actually like leaves in front of my windows like that. Sure it may block some sunlight, but not all. But the best perk I have, is I never need curtains!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I call shenanigans! No one so self deprecating could be anything less than an amazing writing. It’s usually the people boasting about their amazing skills that are generally the ones I turn up my nose at. If you’re good at something you generally don’t have to brag about it. The work speaks for itself. And this is going to sound like a SUOER narcissistic segue, but awwww you included Northern Lights with Fifth Blight? *blushes and runs away* I’ll have to check out that other story my Professional Moron!

    I love Disturbed, and I have excellent taste in music 😆

    I, too, was born on my birthday. I live on planet Earth (for now). I breath oxygen, and I’m classified as human.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aw, thanks! You are far too kind, my friend 🙂 I’m not going to lie, Northern Lights is the novel that got me interested in reading, for the first time in my life. Moron’s story is amazing! His surreal humor is superb.

      Disturbed does rock!!

      Oh and OMG, I breath oxygen too!! Wow! I thought I was the only one… 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh man, I made a difference in someone’s reading life o.O I bookmarked PM’s story. Now I just need to remember to read it…that’s always the question. What will TSN remember? And will she remember it at a convenient time?

        Omg, wait, wait, wait…do you…drink…water? And is there any chance you live in the Milky Way galaxy, because that would just be a ridiculous coincidence.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes! Thanks to you, I’m a reader who fully appreciates the Great General’s awesomeness. Never underestimate the power of your words 🙂 If I remember (doubtful) I’ll remind you to read Moron’s story.

          YES!! I do drink water. I like, actually need it to live too. And yup, I’m trapped in that galaxy too!! Wow… *mind blown*

          Liked by 1 person

  5. “I was born on my birthday.” lol 😛
    Congrats on the award!! And yayyy, Fall!! It’s on it’s way finally. 😀 I can’t wait. Summer can come to an end any time now and I’d be just fine with that as I sip apple cider and don all the hoodies. lol

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Congrats on your award you fantastic person you!!! 😀 I loved all your answers, especially what’s interesting about you. Wait a minute… I was also born on my birthday! Oh my gosh, that makes us like TWINS! YAY!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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