My E3 2017 Pipe Dreams

I still have an unconquerable video game backlog, even if it doesn’t control my life anymore. I can’t keep up with the blurring pace of game releases now, and the last thing I should be thinking about is having more games to play. There is just something special about the yearly E3 event that always sparks my gamer imagination. I have fond childhood memories of drooling over the E3 Special Editions of the dearly departed Nintendo Power magazine. I also remember young adult me planning my schedule around tuning into the big conferences so I could score useless website emblems on, way back when they still had those.

The crowded event would be hell on my introverted social battery, but it’s on my bucket list to physically attend the grand Electronic Entertainment Expo someday. The thrill of seeing all the fancy new games outweighs my natural desire to flee as far away from crowds as possible. Plus the elaborate costumes that people put together would be so amazing to see in person. I’ve never been into cosplaying (or makeup/dressing up in general), but I have an idea for one of Lightning cosplaying as Thor that would be so fun to try there! All I need is a pink wig and a Thor helmet. I really think it could work… Really!

The merry E3 season always gives me beautiful daydreams about what games might make an appearance. This year is no different so I thought I’d share some games I would love to see get made, despite the reality that there is a 0% chance of them actually happening.

Donkey Kong Racing

e3 2017 2

Both kart racers are fun, but I vastly preferred Diddy Kong Racing over Mario Kart 64. Taking place on a beautiful island overworld, it had a giant evil space pig, colouful balloon collectibles, quirky original racer characters, David Wise music, and dinosaurs! Sorry, Mario… You just can’t compete with that. Any kind of sequel to the masterpiece would be a childhood dream come true. The sad part is that Donkey Kong Racing was actually suppose to happen. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the back of my original GameCube box:

e3 2017 8

The game must have been caught in the rift that was torn across the gaming world when Rare and Nintendo parted ways. There must be a way to save it. Please!

Grand Theft Auto VI

e3 2017 3

The Grand Theft Auto games have always been a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s just fun to be the violent criminal in a game for once, and also to have the freedom to unleash as much carnage as I want. I also like the series for its satirical jabs on our society, the level of detail in everything from billboards to radio stations, and its overall incredibly dark sense of humor. I’m sure the next big title is under construction as I type this. I really want Rockstar to increase their misogynist troll defenses and create a crazed female protagonist for the series. I’m a female gamer who is all for equality (not superiority). Women can be just as violent, angry, immoral, and dangerous as any man can be.

A New Jak and Daxter Game

e3 2017 4

Jak and his sarcastic furry sidekick are a big reason why I love my PlayStaion 2 so much. Jak II is easily on my top 10 favourite games ever list. That platforming was smooth, shooting things was fun, the JET-board was just plain awesome, and it borrowed free-roaming elements from the GTA series. I think a new Jak title would do well in this gaming generation. I really wish Naughty Dog would make it happen.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

e3 2017 5

Ubisoft, come on! You can’t end masterpiece game on a cliffhanger, promise a sequel for it, keep teasing everyone with its existence, and then NOT finish it. Seriously, Jade’s story deserves a proper conclusion. Why aren’t you telling us anything?!

Metroid Prime 4

e3 2017 6

First-person Samus is my favourite Samus, though I still enjoy the side-scrolling Metroid action. I’ll always remember that feeling of awe I got the first time I looked through her visor on Tallon IV. It felt like I was right there helping her fix that Phazon poisoned planet. My first encounter with a Metroid in this view also terrified me beyond words. The whole trilogy turned out amazing, and there’s no doubt in my mind a fourth title could capture that same magic feeling for me.

Final Fantasy XIII-4

e3 2017

Square Enix wrapped up Lightning’s legendary trilogy pretty tightly, but I would definitely be on cloud nine if a prequel title was created. Unfortunately, they cut most of Lightning’s backstory from the original game. It would be very interesting to see Sergeant Farron’s military days as a Guardian Corps soldier, before all the crazy L’cie business, endless battling at the end of time, and savior related shenanigans started taking over her life. They could also explore more about how Cocoon’s dystopian society operated under fal’Cie control. Even a CGI movie like this would be awesome! I’ll just keep on dreaming (while dodging pitchforks).

Moar Amiibo!!

e3 2017 7

There can NEVER be too many Amiibo, and I expect this E3 will have at least one new announcement. I wish more third party developers would jump aboard the Amiibo hype train. I want to squeal with delight when I think about the possibility of Final Fantasy or Resident Evil Amiibo lines ever happening.

How about you, internet? I’d be interested in reading any E3 thoughts or other gaming pipe dreams.

Wannabe Writer’s Notes:
– I spent a shameful amount of time gawking at my arm in the bathroom mirror today (again). I’ll just say more details were added to my Lightning tattoo yesterday. It was suppose to be finished yesterday too, but the amazing artist wanted more time to add even more awesome stuff to it! Now it will be finished on July 14th (the suspense is killing me). I’m not sharing it until then. 🙂

77 thoughts on “My E3 2017 Pipe Dreams

  1. I would love to see a GTA with a female protagonist just to see their approach with it. If the next GTA takes place in the 2010s, I fully expect the satire to be brutal. Though it seems unlikely since GTAV took place in the 2010s already. 😦
    As for E3 2017, I would like to see something of more substance about Death Stranding; the FF7 remake; and more Fire Emblem stuff, though we just got Echoes, so that’s a stretch. 😛

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    1. I think another game in the 2010s would be fantastic. I’m picturing how awesome a fem Trevor character would be, haha.

      I also can’t wait for the FFVII remake and there can never be too many Fire Emblem titles. 🙂

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      1. Heh. I got to play Mario around a few friend’s houses, but hedgehogs were always cooler than plumbers for me. I never really paid attention to the whole ‘you have to pick a side, Sega or Nintendo’ thing and enjoyed both, but Sega had more games that I was interested in during the 16-bit gen.

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  2. Excellent wishes! I would love to attend E3 someday, as well. And then take a slight detour on the way home to a sensory deprivation chamber (haha).

    Pipe dreams, hm? Well, obviously Dragon Age: Origins remastered for PS4. I’d buy the heck out of that. And Dragon Age II.

    Oh, new games? I’m with you on a GTA VI, maybe with a female protagonist. It would be interesting to play from that perspective, simply because I’d be interested to see how the devs would handle it. Would it just be a “woman” skin? Or would they really look into how women handle conflicts differently than men due to the difference in physical abilities? Hm…

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    1. Thank you, o Goddess of Wisdom! 🙂 I like you sensory deprivation chamber idea! I could reflect on all the awesome games I saw while I’m in there, haha.

      A Dragon Age remake would be sweet! I’m guessing a female lead in GTA would be very stereotypical, but I’d love to see them actually try to write her with an interesting personality.

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  3. I like the month before E3 every year because I can let myself dream of the games that will be announced at E3. At the top of my E3 wishlist every year for some time now has been one that is on your list here: a new Jak and Daxter game! They are re-releasing all the PS2 games on PS4 later this year and I like to pretend it is to prepare gamers for a new entry coming some time after! If nothing else, it gives my dream a little more life for the next couple weeks.

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  4. All my wishes about gaming these days are pipe dreams!

    Donkey Kong racing would be incredible! Although given the Rareware situation unfortunately I can’t see that happening. Plus the recent re-release of MK8. But hey, that’s what makes it a pipe dream!

    …that being said, a new 3D Metroid game could be all I take from E3 and I’ll be set. Alternately, I’d like to add to that: a re-release of Metroid Prime 3 Corruption, re-worked to use the Switch controls. I loved the first two but could never get behind motion controls, and I’d love to be able to finally play the final installment in the trilogy.

    I love Jack & Daxter from my childhood, and although I don’t have a PS4 and will most likely never buy one, I’d love for a new installment to get “the kids” into one of the best franchises from the PS2 era!

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    1. I can’t see Donkey Kong Racing happening either, but it’s nice to dream, haha.

      I could see them doing a remake of Corruption for the Switch. I wasn’t a huge fan of the controls on the Wii, but I dealt with it.

      I also agree that the kids these days need to see how awesome Jak is 🙂

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  5. Diddy Kong Racing 2 would be pretty sweet round about now. Nintendo should get Retro Studios to make it, those guys are awesome.

    Half-Life 3 would be amazeballs, but that’s not going to happen, so I’m pinning my hopes on a new Metroid (t’would be awesome on the Switch) and… Dungeon Keeper 3. I could dig that.

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  6. I see lots of Beyond Good and Evil enthusiasts here, which is heartening! It’s such a shame it’s been caught in development Hell, I loved the first game so much, such a rich world and characters. Also, that Gamecube box and Nintendo Power.. memories…

    I’d also love a new Metroid, though I’d settle for the return of side-scrolling if they did properly.

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  7. As I’ve largely stopped paying attention to news on upcoming video games a while back, this almost looks realistic to me. Heck, if Mirror’s Edge was able to make a comeback, why not Beyond Good and Evil?

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  8. I’m hoping for a decent price on the Scorpio along with some new exclusives for Xbox. I’ll take any news on the FF VII remake for PS4 and hopefully a release date for God of War. And I’ll take any and all information on Mario along with some other new games for the Switch.

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  9. Easily Metroid Prime 4, I’d be getting a Switch the moment that’s announced. A new Kong racer wouldn’t be a bad idea. I LOOOOVED Diddy Kongs Racing back in the day

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  10. These are are excellent ideas but I unsurprisingly want new Amiibo more than anything else 🙂 I think chances are good we’ll get some new announcements at E3 like in previous years!

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  11. *gasp* Could you be turning into a shameful narcissist? We need more of them anyway lol. It’s more of a title than a name like 007/James Bond 🙂 I didn’t know there was a fourth installation of FFXIII in the works. I’m a fan of prequels so long as the voice acting doesn’t make me want to jump off a bridge (cough cough Crisis Core). Speaking of which, I’d like to hear some news about the FFVII Remake if possible.

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    1. I will carry that title with pride 🙂

      Alas, that screenshot is from the Lightning DLC in XIII-2. A fourth installment is merely a desperate wish of mine… *cries* I still haven’t played Crisis Core, but I remember you warning me about the awful voice work (and destruction of a flower girl’s character 😦 ). I’m betting there will be lots of news about the VII remake!

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      1. Grrrrr, CC makes me so angry, because there’s some really good background stuff about Sephiroth in it, but other stuff just gets under my skin. I’ll probably watch an LP of that and Dirge of Cerberus, which is apparently really hated, one day. I’m also not a huge fan of Zack. As moody-broody as Cloud is, at least the emo makes him interesting. Zack is too much of a goody two shoes puppy, and I’m pretty sure the Zerith ship is the canon one I hate the most,which would set rabid fangirls after me if they knew 😀

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          1. It’s making me wonder why. I think it’s an FPS? I don’t even know, but I’ve people mock it by calling it “Vincent May Cry” like “Devil May Cry,” but I’ve read the wiki about it, and the info in it is really dark and interesting. Hojo’s ghost or something takes over the body of someone named Weiss, which is German for “white,” and, well, there’s an interesting paradigm in VII that’s really messed up involving something the Germans did, so I definitely want to check this game out so I can gather more fodder for my essays. There’s some really messed up real world stuff involving Germany and Japan and human experimentation, and well, stories don’t come out of vacuums, which means TSN needs to study WWII *headdesk*

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            1. I’m not big on FPS games, but I do enjoy some of them. I also liked the one Devil May Cry game I rented, way back when. I think I’ll look into this game! I seem to have a thing with liking Final Fantasy games the internet hates anyway 🙂

              Oh and I did not notice that paradigm when I was playing VII. Good luck studying WWII and I hope I get to read the results of your research soon.

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              1. I loved Devil May Cry! Dante was one of my white haired pretty boy crushes hehe. I was FURIOUS when they gave him dark hair. How dare they 😡 Don’t quote me on the FPS thing. I’m not entirely sure, but I’d love to hear what you think of Dirge.

                Oh such fun times…I remember feeling ill when I was researching Josef Mengele for a Hojo comparison D:

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  12. Heck, anything Metroid-related would be amazing… I’d settle for a re-release of the Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Switch, but if there’s an actual new Metroid that’s not a remake or a re-release, that would make my day!

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  13. I never heard of Beyond Good and Evil, shame..I’m deff gonna check it out though! I love the anticipation of E3 and hope to go to it sometime soon. I really want a Spyro The Dragon remaster but I’m not sure whether it would be announced at E3 or maybe PSX next year. I can’t wait for new information on the new Spider-man game

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  14. Awesome ideas! Oh man, Donkey Kong Racing! Hearing that takes me back, haha. I think we will definitely get more amiibo, and you and I know that we’d love a lot more of them. The question is for what and how many? I think we’ll get more amiibo for Splatoon, ARMS, and Mario Odyssey. Maybe if we’re lucky, they’ll continue putting out Zelda amiibo. I wouldn’t mind if they announced… 20 new amiibo. Yes, I’m crazy.

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  15. Definitely a lot of really cool games up there. A new Jak game would definitely be awesome. I’m in the middle of trying to finally complete the 4th one so it would be just in the nick of time. I never got to play any of the DK racing titles so a new one would definitely be a blast. Personally, I’d love a Nintendo vs Capcom as my longshot. That would seriously make my day/year and could end up being one of my favorite games ever. I’d buy a Switch instantly.

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  16. Great game ideas! Hopefully at least ONE of them will become a reality?!

    You know, if I’m not mistaken, the Donkey Kong Racing game that was supposed to come out actually turned into Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast for the Wii. Since I’m a huge fan of DK, I bought it, but sadly have not played it much. For some stupid reason, you are required to shake the Wii controller and the Nunchuck back and forth to get your vehicle to accelerate! I have arthritis, and it KILLS my hands to play this game. 😦 The original Donkey Kong Racing they advertised would be awesome though!

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      1. You are so right about that… it is one of those games where the motion controls are completely unnecessary and completely annoying! I think I read somewhere that the game was actually originally made for the DK Bongos accessory… which still would have been annoying as hell, now that I think about it.

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  17. I enjoy E3 too! Gets me excited for the games to come, but yeah it’s pretty much impossible to keep up with all the games. lol Omg, don’t even want to think about the games I have currently just sitting around right now. There are not enough hours EVER! You know it would be nice if I could get some immortality powers because I don’t think I’d ever get bored with everything I want to do and that includes all the games I want to play.

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