[Final Fantasy Brave Exvius] Progress – Livid Without Lightning

VRCL9qwO Lightning, O cranky l’Cie
Wherefore art thou, my badass shero?

Almighty RNG god, who art in this freeimum game’s code.
Though greedy be thy developers, and rarest my idol be

Just lemme summon Lightning, okay?? Please!! Don’t make me beg…

Time flies when you’re stuck in the daily freemium grind! It has been over two months since I started playing Square Enix’s profit-driven mobile RPG adventure. I admit that I am slowly losing interest as the days go by, but I ‘m still intrigued enough by the story to keep going. Staying true to the freemium formula, they have been adding tons of limited time events. Regularly checking these out have added a bit of spice to the kinda dull daily routine. Here’s an update post on what I’ve been up to thus far.

An increased chance of Lightning WAS in the forecast

My favourite character is a minimum 5 Star quality unit. Translation: She’s super rare (and also very, very awesome). I knew from the start that I was better off going outside in a thunderstorm with a bottle if I wanted to catch a wild Lightning. The cruel developers decided to taunt me by doing an increased drop rate event for my shero. I had been waiting for a special occasion like this so I had a ton of Lapis saved up. Despite a multitude of summons, and 70 whole real life cents spent, my spark of hope was fully discharged. I can also say I have 4 Snows, Vanille, and Fang now. I’ll take this as a sign the RNG god hath forsaken me.

be 1-1
Increased drop rate they said… Silly me forgot that anything multiplied by 0 is still 0.

One of the random strangers I’m friends with has been blessed with my shero though. I at least get to use her once a day, for as long as they keep her as their party leader. I can say she truly does kick ass! Her Army of One limit ability destroys everything, she has the Thundaga spell, the full party Cura heal, hits twice per normal attack, and she auto-retaliates without mercy against anything dumb enough to attack her. An unneeded reminder about why she’s my badass idol.

be 1-2
Take that stupid shark boss that kept destroying me! Even with a debuff, Guest Star Lightning still kicked his evil tail.

Fall before Vanille, the cutesy bringer of Death

In my attempt-to-get-Lightning summoning blitz, I was initially disappointed when another l’Cie named Vanille broke out of a crystal. Don’t get me wrong, all of the hapless l’Cie from Final Fantasy XIII have a special place in my heart (OMG, I loved that game SO much ❤ *sniffs*), but she’s NOT who I really wanted. I like to whine on Twitter whenever stuff like this happens to me and some nice folks pointed out that Vanille pwns in the Arena, an area where you fight against other player teams. Sure she looks all innocent, but she packs a powerful Limit ability: Death itself!

be 1-3
“Thank you Ellen! But our cranky l’Cie is in another crystal!”

Vanille’s Death limit ability has a high chance of instantly KOing most things in the game, including other player teams. All of the story bosses appear to be immune to it, but it’s quite useful for clearing packs of tough monsters. Oh and does it ever boost my PVP confidence in the Arena mode! Now my enemies will face the same fate as those giant turtles I farmed in FFXIII. In addition to unleashing swift death, Vanille also does a decent job of debuffing and healing.

be 1-4
Vanille casts ‘Death’. Over half of your enemy party has been killed. Mwa ha ha ha ha!


Let’s have a pointless pop star promotion

Imagine my surprise when I logged in one day to find pop sensation Ariana Grande in my mobile video game. I’m not judging anyone who likes her music, but it’s definitely not my thing, nor was I impressed to see Square Enix doing in-game things with famous IRL humans. I swear to god, if Justin Bieber is the protagonist of Final Fantasy XVI, I’m DONE with the damn series. I’m sure this would be common ground between me and the FFXIII rage trolls too.

be 1-5

My personal stubborn crankiness aside, the event itself was actually well thought out. The glitzy stages had her music playing in the background. Her unit was also called Dangerous Ariana, which is a play on her song “Dangerous Woman” (No, I’m not listening to it right now. Really! Okay fine, I am… I was curious, and it’s for science) . I had no idea what the random lipstick/microphone items were for so I wasted very little NRG on this.

The signature Final Fantasy story continues

The story is my major motivation for logging in daily. I won’t spoil anything, but I’ve completed a side excursion that almost made me cry. After that I had to take a leveling break since the story bosses were starting to crush me. I also gathered a few Espers I had missed. One was the badass lightning god, Ramuh. The tone of his dialog made it seem like he was personally rubbing it in that I will never summon my favourite shero.

be 1-6

The story break allowed me to boost my party of choice to all mid level 5 star in the Vortex of Desires area. Everyone also has an Esper to add to their stats as well. Snow paired with Ramuh is the closest I’m going to get to having my favourite character (he definitely could have used the Lightning resistance boost in FFXIII). A few of my random stranger friends also have amazing 6 Star party leaders that have been helping me out along my freemium journey. Let’s see how long the narrative will keep me playing for!

Stats Thus Far

be 1-7

Rank: 29
Party Levels: Snow (5 Star, Level 58), Rain (5 Star, Level 60), Laswell (5 Star, Level 35), Fina (5 Star, Level 74), Vanille (5 Star, Level 45)
Unique Units Summoned: 84 Not-Lightnings
Espers Acquired: Siren, Ifrit, Golem, Shiva, Ramuh
IRL Money Spent: $0.70 CDN
Where I’m At: Ballen Passage – Entrance

Wannabe Writer’s Notes

  • Pro tip: If you use the Android OS, I highly recommend the Google Rewards app. Basically, Google periodically sends you random, very short surveys and rewards you with Play Store credits for finishing them. This is what I use to buy music and freemium game items so technically I haven’t spent ANY actual money on this game yet. Google is already spying on me so I might as well get rewarded for it!
  • My new tattoo is healing nicely, but it’s so damn ITCHY!! I feel bad about smacking Lightning in the face, repeatedly, but there’s no other way to make it stop! I’m sure Fang is smirking out there somewhere in FFXIII land.
  • My taste in music varies quite a bit: Korn, Pink, Shakira, Katzenjammer, Two Steps From Hell, K.Flay, Les Friction, Pop Evil, In This Moment, Halestorm, Nine Inch Nails, many Monstercat artists, and lots of video game music remixes (to name a few). I listen to whatever my heart likes I guess.
  • And to every rage troll who mindlessly hates on me, my pink haired shero, and her epic Final Fantasy trilogy:


16 thoughts on “[Final Fantasy Brave Exvius] Progress – Livid Without Lightning

  1. I loved Google Play Rewards! I had to switch to Apple sadly though so I miss it quite a lot. There really isn’t a good equivalent over here as they all seem to take up more time than they’re worth on this end. Ah well, I still do plan to get this Final Fantasy game at some point. I’m now level 37 in Pokemon Go so I supposedly only need one more year to beat it and then I can get to this one.

    The game still looks really good with the sprite animations and a solid plot. I’m impressed that they put so much thought into the game. Too bad they couldn’t give you Lightning to start off though :p A cool mechanic would have been if you could choose the protagonist of any main FF game to be your leader when you first start and then you find the others. I’m not sure if that would be fair and balanced but I’m sure they could pull it off. Your levels are really high at the moment so those story bosses must be really crazy.

    Sidenote, the guy with the red sword looked a lot like Berserker Saber from the Fate series for a moment there. I had to click on the picture to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a shame! I know the Google Rewards surveys take 5 whole seconds, haha. I hope you enjoy this game when you get to it!

      The sprites and animations are all quite impressive for a “free” game. I think they like to hold popular characters hostage so they make more money selling Lapis, haha. The fight difficulty could have something to do with me not actually knowing what I’m doing too 🙂

      I Googled that and can see how you thought that.


  2. Similarly, I keep looking for Jigglypuff in Pokemon Shuffle (3DS version, it’s also available for mobile), to no avail. ;-;

    The game has a lot of stages; you can randomly get Pokemon depending on how few turns it took you to beat them. Jigglypuff must be hiding far deeper in the game than I’ve reached yet.

    I kind of wish that I had given FFBE more of a chance, but Fire Emblem Heroes had just come out, and I reeeally wanted to play that. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m super salty about Setzer to your Lightning lividness (I know that’s not a word, but poetic license)! It is SO frustrating that you can’t just pay some fee and get who you want. Believe me I’ll be crying here, on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else that will put up with me if I don’t draw my Great General (when he’ll inevitably drop…from the heavens). I’m salty about Setzer, because I have Kuja and Cecil, and I want to complete my white haired pretty boy band!

    I’m…kind of starting to be in the same boat with you and freemium games. I don’t mind logging on, but I sometimes don’t remember until after midnight, and then I don’t get my daily bonus. I’m currently trying to farm awakening materials and experience cactuars. I never have enough money or lapis, and I’ve spent, er, more than $30 at this point on the game. I may buy those 5000 lapis for that 11 draw when/if Sephiroth shows up. Vanille’s death spell is pretty damn amazing, and I was surprised that little MIss Cutesy had something like that lol.

    I love Two Steps from Hell!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The dictionary people really need to make more things actual words, haha. Hell, even I’ll be salty if you don’t get the Great General! You more than deserve to summon him after all the amazing work you’ve done to defend his character 🙂 My fingers and toes are crossed for when that day comes.

      The repetitive nature of freemium games will always be their downfall. The Simpsons Tapped Out held my attention for 3 years, but it still got too boring for me in the end. I’m just gonna keep my mouth shut about Vanille… 🙂

      They are awesome! I wrote so many words while listening to their epic music 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can’t really yell at them right now. They called out a certain orange clown’s idiocy on Twitter this morning, so I’m going to give them a pass on not keeping up with my language creation. They seem to have more important things to do. Also, I’m *so* happy the young people revived the term “salty.” Everything eventually comes around. Soon we’ll be back to using the term “square,” and I cannot wait. Hell I might just revive it now! *crosses heart, passes out*

        I’m hoping the story stays interesting for a while! Two Steps is excellent for writing to! There are some epic fight scenes hidden in those notes.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It’ll be hip to say “square” again soon, I hope!

          Most definitely! The background story for one of my core novel characters involved some civil war/RPG/sniper related battle shenanigans. I was listening to Two Steps while writing that part, haha.

          Liked by 1 person

    2. Aw, but if you could just pay a fee to get who you want, you’d only pay once. This way, you can pay several times over, both in money and in patience! Everybody wins!

      I gotta say, I’m a big fan of drawing a lot of value out of freemium games without actually paying anything. Used to do that when I was younger in my MUDS, way before freemium was a thing. Man, do I feel old, now.

      Liked by 2 people

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