More like post-meltdown cleanup actually… Anyway, it has been a couple weeks since I stumbled down the self-destructive blogger path that obliterated “Conquering the Gaming Backlog”. The aftermath of the radical reshaping of my blog’s identity (with little rational thought on my part I might add) had left most of my posts in a rather disorganized mess (well, more so than usual). I have finally finished cleaning my chunk of the internet, and I’m happy to announce everything here now meets my low quality standards. With all the domain changes and whatnot, WordPress may have spammed people I linked to in the past while I was editing things (so yeah, sorry for that).

Noteworthy changes

  • I made tweaks to the header image. It now has more pink lightning bolts in the background, just because lightning is my favourite weather event. To loosely quote someone badass: “It flashes bright, then fades away. It can’t protect… It only destroys.”
  • The sidebar now features two shiny trophies I earned from two awesome bloggers. Scroll down to see their awesomeness.
  • I have created a new category system. You can test out how easy it is to find my ramblings (not that you’d want to) by using the drop down menu on the sidebar.
  • I created a newly designed archive for all my posts, which can be found here.
  • I’m casually tracking my video game backlog progress again. In retrospect, the biggest problem with my old system was that it was too focused on what I wasn’t accomplishing. I was basically just calculating how many hours of my life the backlog monster would require in order to defeat it. My new tracker, Ye Olde Gaming Backlog, has a list of all the games I own vs what I haven’t played yet. As of this post I have completed a respectable 59.4% of my games (I hope my maths are correct). This is much more encouraging than thinking about how many years my backlog requires. Feel free to check it out and leave any comments.

This feels like my blog now, and I’m enjoying rambling on LightningEllen’s Release. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who left such encouraging comments on my meltdown post. This wonderful group of random internet strangers truly means the world to me.

Upcoming Ramblings

  • I started playing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius so I’ll be doing a post on my impressions of that soon. Preview: Trying to get my favourite character is proving to be harder than catching lightning in a bottle, but the gameplay is surprisingly fun (for now).
  • I’m still having a blast helping out Aloy and Link on their differing quests. Part II of my simultaneous journeys through Horizon Zero Dawn and Breath of the Wild will be happening soon.
  • I’ve never been much of a reader (but I love writing for some odd reason). Lately however, I’ve had the pleasure of reading a few fantastic fan fictions and published novels. I think I might try reviewing those soon.
  • I have all but given up on writing my novel. While I figure out what I’m doing with that tangled mess of words, I do have a few short story ideas in mind. They may or may not make an appearance here (confidence level: below -9000!!)
Some days I wish I was as confident as my Fallout 4 character. She is mostly just a sarcastic Jet addict though.

36 thoughts on “Housekeeping?!

  1. It’s so neat! I love neatness, which would surprise anyone who came into my apartment, because it looks like an explosion hit it. I’ve heard it said that intelligent people are messier; well I must be a genius lol. But when it comes to blogging, writing, and notes, I must have order, and I love when blogs are neat (I also tend to borrow/steal ideas for organization. I’m always trying to hone that craft).

    I would not recommend catching Lightning in a bottle…that would be a poor time for the bottle and for the person who dared imprison her, but I’m sure you know that.

    Aw, the words will come back! They may just need some time to marinate. I want to help you raise your levels from -9000, but as someone who’s been there, I totally understand. Sometimes it just takes that one spark, and sometimes something you think will only destroy can create a flash of inspiration in your mind (I know…these puns are blatantly obvious and terrible, but they’re SO easy to make).

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store!

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    1. Thank you! My IRL home is usually a mess, but I love organizing my digital world for some reason, haha. You are so correct! I would not recommend trying to force Lightning to do ANYTHING she’s not happy with.

      I hope my novel words return soon! I was having so much fun writing it, but now every time I sit down to work on it, I just keep thinking how awful it is. You’ve helped me way more than you think! Without your inspiring fan fictions, blog posts, and reviews, my confidence level would likely be under -10,000. Terrible Lightning puns seem to write themselves, don’t they? I love it! 😀

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      1. The worst part is my husband cleaned our living room a week or so ago, but of course all of my stuff is still all over it. It’s like I’m attempting to achieve entropy at all points in time lol. I can maintain order if I concentrate, but it take so much effort to recover from disorder that I just often don’t bother.

        Hopefully I can help your confidence level get back into the positive! We’re always our own worst critic! That’s one thing I always remember 🙂

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  2. This looks wonderful! I’m sure you will find your groove again. I’m looking forward to reading your short stories and seeing where your blog takes you in the next little while.

    I also love the casualization (yep, made that one up) idea for your backlog. As you know, I have a huge backlog as well. When I try to quantify how many hours I’ll need to get through it all, it’s incredibly overwhelming. I’m much more casual with things in life than most: I have no schedule and no deadlines for writing/streaming/video uploads, and I find my life to be pretty peaceful as a result. As long as I’m meeting my own expectations, I’m happy! Maybe that’s a bad attitude to take, but it’s working for me!

    I love thunderstorms, but more the mix of thunder and lightning rather than just the lightning itself. There’s a website I know of that just plays thunderstorm sounds, and I sometimes put that on in the winter. I miss the rain terribly during the frozen wasteland months.

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    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

      Casualization should totally be a word! I’ll have to petition the dictionary people to add it. I think you have the perfect system going. A more casual approach is the way to go! I’ve learned life’s too short so I want to spend time doing what I enjoy. Speaking of video uploads, I’m watching your Ys playthrough now. I’ve never played a game with the “bump” mechanic before. After seeing you take out that first boss, I truly have a new appreciation for how calm you are in the face of retro video game adversity 🙂

      Rain certainly feels more “alive” than those frozen winter wasteland days. Thunderstorms have always fascinated me since I was a kid. To me there is something terrifying, yet inspiring about the chaotic force of a lightning bolt. Growing up, I use to live in the middle of nowhere, and once lightning struck the power pole at the end of my long driveway. I’ll never forget that thundering sound and the force shook my entire house. For a split second I thought the world was ending. It fried every electronic appliance in my house, except my Nintendo 64, which still worked perfectly, haha. It’s the reason I pursued a career in electronics, and just one of many reasons for why I consider Lightning from FFXIII my all-time favourite video game character 🙂

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      1. I’ll help you shake down the dictionary people too! There are many isms I tend to use that they just seem to refuse to acknowledge! This has to stop!

        I hope you find stepping into the casual blogging trend refreshing. I personally struggle with lots of guilt issues surrounding not meeting other people’s expectations, so the less pressure I put on myself, the better!

        Your story about that thunderstorm gave me goosebumps! I have always lived in neighbourhoods with things much taller than my house around me, so I haven’t been privy to such an awe-worthy experience like that. I’m so glad that your N64 survived despite the generalized melting of everything else around you. I can totally understand how that would set you on a path to appreciating that particular force of nature. The closest experience I have with that “electrical” feeling is walking by a power station that used to be near my parents’ house. I hated the hum and the feeling of my hairs standing on end… it’s always given me a sense of fear of electricity in its many forms. It also doesn’t help that I zapped myself on the Christmas tree one year.

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        1. I was surprised my N64 survived! They don’t make consoles like they use to, that’s for sure. Ouch with the Christmas tree! I’ve zapped myself in a few ways, witnessed capacitors shoot across a room, and personally melted microchips in my college course, haha. Electricity is certainly something powerful to respect. It’s almost like the closest thing to “magic” we have here on Earth.

          I wanted to scream at the first boss and I was just watching how evil those moving fireballs on the side of the room were being, haha.

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          1. Agreed about the magic! It’s very special, and if I could kiss the feet of electricity without suffering a horrible death, I would!

            And the first boss was a doozy! Not only are you not too sure about whether your attacks are working or not, but it’s the first level stonewall you hit! Thankfully I got the hang of it as the playthrough goes on 😛

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  3. I heard someone mention maths!
    Good on you for adjusting but sticking with what you want to do. Sounds like you’re going to handle your backlog in a healthy way. It’s nice to look at it and think “Oh, I’m in the mood for a game like that!” rather than worrying about getting everything finished.

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  4. Good on you for doing a clean-up, Ellen, and in a timely fashion too I might add. It looks good and certainly sounds like your new backlog tracking method is more positive. I’ve been meaning to do some housework on my blog for… oh, something like the past six months?! I’m inspired by you to GET THE HELL ON WITH THINGS. Anyway, all the best for you and your blog going forward, and I’m especially looking forward to any future posts on Breath of the Wild!

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  5. I really like the layout on your new backlog page. It’s real easy to understand from a glance and I just like statistics in general. I haven’t made a whole bunch of progress in Breath of the Wild lately, but I finally took out one of the main 4 guardian bosses. I plan to try and tackle Ganon again after I’ve beaten the 2nd and stocked up on a bunch of arrows. Til then I’ve been working on climbing all of the towers and exploring.

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    1. Thanks! I like colour coding things since I’m a visual person I guess, haha.

      I’ve been roaming around Hyrule aimlessly. I still haven’t found any Divine Beasts yet, but I was very proud when I took out a challenging Guardian sentry thing in one of the shrines. All my weapons broke and I ended up running around in circles throwing bombs at it, for a good 20 minutes, lol. Good luck on your adventures! I think I’ll seek out more towers to fill out my map.

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  6. Sometimes we all need to make some tweaks and changes to our lives and endeavors! The part that makes me happiest is hearing that the blog and ramblings feel more personal and enjoyable to you now. That – at least in my less-than-humble opinion – is the entire purpose of this particular pastime we share. 🙂

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  7. Everything looks great! It’s awesome that you were able to make such productive improvements to your blog. I’m also glad that you feel it’s truly yours. It must feel nice to have such a fresh layout to look at! I’m excited to see what comes next for LightningEllen’s Release! 🙂

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