Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up (2017-02-08)


This week is brought to you by the word “Focus”. I think my biggest problem is that I have too many lengthy games on the go at once, and it’s making me feel like I’m getting nowhere with my backlog boss monster. After I cleared my first game of the year last weekend, it gave me that awesome feeling of achievement that had been missing in my life. I think I’m very close to finishing another game, so I’m focusing my limited attention span on it.

Backlog Battle Progress


I scored the Bahamut summon from a very tough moon cave. After that I returned to the troubled planet to help some old friends fight something very big and evil. I’m inside that evil thing now, and I’m getting ready for a chain of familiar boss fights near the end of the area.

My party’s stats: Cecil Lv 46, Rosa Lv 44, Rydia Lv 43, Fusoya Lv 51, Edge Lv 42. I think I’ll be glad I took the time to get Bahamut when I attempt the next part.


Did not play.


Did not play.


Finished! A short game was exactly what I needed to gain some hope. Perhaps one decade I will be able to conquer this ugly backlog boss. I can’t thank the Evil Wizard who recommended it enough, even if his intentions were to sabotage my no purchase streak. My unqualified opinion of the game can be found here.

Game Shamefully Purchased:

  1. Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (Steam) – My newbie Steam account was in “limited status”, meaning I needed to spend a certain amount of money on games to add a friend (I want to rant about this but maybe later. I’m too tired to be angry right now). Anyway, I went with this epic game since it was on sale for $7 and I’ve been reading a lot of great praise about it lately from a very loyal fan of the game. When will I actually get to play it? Hopefully before my life’s Game Over.

Random Weekly Ramblings

I’ve honestly had no desire to watch any “Let’s Plays”, or commonly referred to as LPs, until recently. Power to the gamers who take the time to make them, and I’m incredibly jealous of those who earn a living from doing it, but I always preferred to selfishly play the games myself. The idea of watching someone else conquer a game had never appealed to me. But then along came hungygoriya. The internet was abuzz with her legendary LPs so I decided to watch her Legend of Zelda one last year. I had already beaten the game (thus avoiding any spoilers), and I was curious to see how a professional handled Prince Darkness Gannon. Long story short, I was very entertained by it, and it was a great way to safely maintain my sanity during annoying cardio machine time (trying to play games while exercising does not work. Trust me).

This week I finished watching my second ever LP: hungrygoriya’s Faxanadu. This is a classic NES game that I never new existed before now. I have no plans to ever play it since it seems like it would frustrate me greatly. However, I really enjoyed watching someone who knew what she was doing crush General Grievous, I mean King Grieve. It’s a quirky game with a lot of unique enemy designs and great music. It also has an interesting story (for its time of course), but I don’t think I’d be able to tolerate all the golds grinding or getting torn apart in that unforgiving mist place. I’m happy with just witnessing someone with more patience than me slay the Evil One. Next on my “To Watch” list is her Miracle Warriors LP.

The game at least tries to comfort you, after it has cruelly slaughtered you. I’m sure my personal “mantra” would be lots of bad words if I ever played this game

Feel free to share your glorious conquests in that comment area thingy below. I could honestly use more inspiration…

“Inside the drawer, you see a sight so horrifying that merely reading the details would cause the player to go permanently insane.” – random description from examining a drawer in Cthulhu Saves The World.

47 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up (2017-02-08)

  1. Focus is key. Last year, I started focusing on one game per system type (console, handheld, mobile, etc.).

    I recently beat Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon. I love Final Fantasy and roguelikes, so this was a pretty good game. 👍

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  2. Another change that I made is focusing on one RPG at a time instead of playing a whole bunch at once. Before, I used to get over saturated. Although I sometimes exclude “hyphenates” (strategy RPG, action RPG, etc.) as my main RPG. 😋

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  3. I know what you mean about focus. I usually have several lengthy RPGs going at once. I usually need to spend an adequate amount of time with one to keep momentum going. The problem is that I tend to get tired of an RPG, usually because it becomes repetitive. The games that I can focus on without feeling fatigued are the best kinds of games. Those are the ones that I truly fall in love with. They don’t have to be short or long. If they’re great, I’ll spend good time with it. I guess that doesn’t help with the backlog though… Ah well, haha.

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    1. I feel the same way about most RPGs! I also find I forget the story quickly if I neglect a RPG for too long, which usually makes me restart it, haha.

      Those backlogs are so powerful! At least it’s fun trying to conquer them 🙂

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  4. I usually watch the AVGN’s “James and Mike Mondays” as those two are cute and funny together. The Goat Simulator one is amusing. Plus, the Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts romp along. Other than this, I donut wish to watch other people play games. Not now! Not never!!!

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  5. I recently beat Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and have moved onto scary games. I’ve spent too much time writing now, so I need to get cracking again. I spent some time recording my playthrough of Alien: Isolation yesterday too. Despite the technical issues (crappy internet speeds), I managed to record a little over an hour of gameplay. A little dry, but it works. Gonna cut it up into more meaningful sections.

    Doesn’t help that my wife got me into watching The Expanse though…

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    1. Deus Ex remains one of those cool games I want to play, but haven’t found the time for.

      I can see how poor internet speed would be a real killer for uploading footage. I’m interested in seeing what you put together for Alien Isolation. I’ve only been brave enough to play a few Resident Evil games in the past, but perhaps I should gather the courage to try a few more horror type games.

      I’ve avoided The Expanse, so far… 🙂

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  6. You’re making progress on FFIV, and I’ve found that I can only really concentrate on one big game at once. I can play smaller, shorter games, but playing two monster RPGs would be like trying to write two novels at once. No. Thank. You. Lol. I have written short stories in the midst of working on something longer so yeah, this comparison works 🙂

    I didn’t like LPs either unless they were silent aka no commentary, because the ones I found were super annoying. I wanted to just watch the game, but not listen to anyone talk. Then I realized I was just finding annoying LPers lol. HG has such an awesome voice for it, doesn’t she??

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    1. I’ve learned Fallout 4 is just too distracting to try and play with other big games. I’m going to focus on Cecil’s journey, read a certain legendary review/character analysis, and then go after Fallout 4. I need to free up my PS4 for FFXV next. 🙂 I can’t even imagine writing two novels at once. I can’t even seem to finish the ONE I’ve been working on for a year and a half now, lol.

      Hungrygoriya is so calm in the face of retro game adversity. 🙂 I never had any interest in them at all until I saw her epic Zelda LP. How is your LP setup going by the way? I think you mentioned you were planning on making them this year too (my memory is terrible, haha)

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      1. Fallout 4 is open world isn’t it? I can se how that would be distracting! You’re almost done Cecil’s journey, though I’ll warn you, the last dungeon is more of an ordeal than Mt. Ordeals, and the final boss is no pushover. I as in the 60-70s when I beat it, and I had to delegate both Rydia and Rosa to healing every single round.

        A year and a half isn’t too shabby! Considering GRRM has been writing his latest for oh ten years lol. I average around two years, sometimes more with editing. Don’t worry about the time 🙂

        Erm, I haven’t been doing too much LP setup, but I did mention planning to start them. I have literally no equipment for it though. I’m not even completely out of the research stage of exactly what I’ll need for it. I think it depends on how you plan on playing the particular game. Currently, I’m much farther along in making videos and doing audio recordings since I bought microphone and I have a camera on my wish list.

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        1. Yes it is! With my short attention span, I get lost in it easily too, lol. Thanks for the warning! I hope I can conquer the evil final boss monster.

          Wow! Ten years is a long time. I bet it’ll be awesome when he finishes it. I’m trying to stop thinking about how long it is, and start focusing on the enjoyment of writing it 🙂

          Yeah, you definitely need to invest in a lot of technology to make LPs. Good luck with your quest!

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          1. I really think Square realized how hard the final boss of IV was and decided to lower the difficulty in later iterations, but I can better confirm that when I play V.

            Writing anything is such a long term and often arduous task that if you think “Ah I have so much more to write” you’ll just drive yourself crazy. I always consider as long as I keep writing I’ll get to the end, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes (as you can tell, I do not do well with deadlines lol).

            Thanks! I may not get to LP land this year, but it’ll happen 🙂

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            1. I hate deadlines! I usually waited until the last minute to do projects in school, haha. My brain wants to work when it feels like it. I just can’t force myself to do things in a time limit.

              I look forward to watching them when you do get setup! I’m sure FFIV will be on your schedule and I hope I’m finished it by then, haha.

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              1. That’s how I am. I can’t stand being forced to do something creative and/or being forced to do something creative that I’m not passionate about. If I’m passionate about it, I’ll write up a storm, but if I’m not passionate, motivated, or energized, it’s going to be half-assed hehe. I’m running into that right now with my Greek Tragedy/FFVII essay. It’s not that I don’t want to write it, but I lack the energy, which saps the motivation. Thankfully, this isn’t universal, and I have tons of other things to work on, but I want to finish that eventually. Now may just not be a good time for essays.

                I have to bug one of my IRL friends who streamed Journey on Twitch and find out how he did it. I was thinking of playing a bit of Journey today actually. It’s a gorgeous game, and I could add it to my “Currently Playing,” which is always good.

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                1. My teachers got so many half-assed assignments from me in school since I was uninterested in almost everything being taught, lol. I spent most of High School sleeping on my desk. I hated that awful school environment so much I just wanted to be anywhere else.

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                  1. I was a, er, attempted over achiever if I cared about the subject matter, but all the factors had to be in place. Like I’m excellent at math (Algebra, Geometry, etc.), but my first year in HS I had a terrible teacher and paired with that and the sexist stereotypes about girls/women and math, I was convinced I was bad at it. Nope, not in the least.

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                    1. Yikes! That sounds terrible. It’s sad that those views were holding young women back in these subjects 😦

                      I was bit of an overachiever in Grade 10, but stopped caring shortly after that. There was one assignment I loved doing and still remember it to this day: I wrote a satirical short story in English class about our bitchy principal. I had to awkwardly read it to the class (ugh!), but I got a standing ovation from everyone, including the teacher, haha 🙂

                      The final exams for each class made up a huge part of our final grade. My strategy was to half-ass assignments, then I just played to the teacher’s bias and got 90s on the exams. I ended up with just passing grades. It was enough to move out of that toxic cesspool environment and into the slightly less cruel real world, lol.

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                    2. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You think you’re bad at something so you perform poorly at it. So many things are based on perception.

                      That’s…fantastic. It must’ve been well known how terrible this principal was.

                      It’s funny. If final exams are worth so much, what the hell is the incentive to do anything else? We’d have midterms and finals that were like half to 75% of your grade, so if I didn’t care that much about the class, I’d just concentrate on those.

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                    3. Oh self fulfilling prophecies are brutal… I had a huge problem with those in past.

                      Haha, the principal was a typical bureaucrat on a power trip. She treated the angry teenagers like they were in elementary school, changed things for the sake of just changing them, and belittled teachers in front of the students. I wrote my story carefully enough to avoid getting in trouble too. Her name was Mrs. Scotland, and the bitchy principal in my story was named Mrs. Ireland, haha. I’ll never forget that wonderful feeling I got when the class loved my work! It was at that moment I knew I wanted to be a writer. Sadly, it’s next to impossible to make money doing that, so I went the electronics route to get a good job. I got like 95% on it but never got the assignment back. My dad joked and told me it was probably put up in the teacher’s lounge. 🙂

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                    4. Bahaha, they kept the story?! Oh my goodness, it probably was hung up there. All the teachers probably needed it to deal with that principle.

                      It is so hard to make money as a writer, which is why most of us have other jobs. The world really isn’t geared towards artistry :\

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  7. Dragon Age: Origins?? (squeaks in happiness) Your blogging friend does well to speak highly of it (cough cough).

    And I agree with the other comments here. It’s tough to plow through multiple RPGs at the same time. I’m sort of managing it now because I’m playing Mass Effect again and playing Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, which is new, so I only really need to “concentrate” on one. Or, I’ll be a real dork and say that I only play X game on specific days, and Y game on others. But I like the idea of playing a “shorter” game while playing an RPG!

    I’ve also been enjoying hungrygoriya’s let’s plays; she has such a great voice for LP-ing!

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    1. That same blogging friend also showed off her first LP of a very impossible game. She powered through the cold she was struggling with and delivered an awesome performance! I recommend you check it out, if you haven’t already. 🙂

      I play certain games on certain days too so I think it’s a very smart plan, and not dorky at all… really. I loved Black Flag! Edward is not my favourite Assassin (that will always be Ezio) but he’s near the top of my list.

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    1. Dragon Age II is the only one I played and beaten, three times. It also seems to be the one everyone hates, so if I liked it then I’ll really love Origins. 🙂

      One a side note, I’ve been wondering why I like games that the rest of the internet hates… *cough* Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy *cough* lol

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      1. Dragon Age II was fun, but it felt like a step back from the original. They removed a lot of cool customisation in the sake of simplifying things. It also felt rushed because they recycled levels just by reusing the same maps with different locked doors.

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  8. Great job on taking out your first 2017 game! I definitely agree that it feels like such an accomplishment when you finally get one out of the backlog. (Even if you “replaced” it right away with Dragon age :P) I try to do a similar tactic as I’ll have one really long RPG game going and then the other one will be a short title. For example, I’m currently working on Digimon World Next Order, Star Wars Episode II (GBA version), and Academy of Champions. Digimon is an extremely long game which will probably be at least 30-50 hours, but Star Wars is more of a 1-2 hour long game at best. Champions is somewhere in the middle. This way, I can keep on completing small games like that while chipping away at Digimon. I tried doing multiple RPGs back in the day, but I’d start to forget plot points and where I was at the time so I try to avoid that now. You’re definitely making real good progress on FF IV so keep it up!

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    1. Thank you! If I can just break even with my backlog this year I’ll consider it success, lol.

      That’s a good strategy! After I clear Fallout 4, I’ll try to pick away at some of the shorter games on my list, while tacking my goal of beating the numbered Final Fantasy titles I haven’t finished yet by the end of the year. I downed the Giant of Babil and I’m taking on the Cave of Trials in IV now. 🙂

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  9. Omg Faxanadu! lol I played that with my Dad a long time ago because he noticed I needed help with it. We both ended up loving it. Then when I think of that game I think about Guardian Legend too because I remember playing it sometime after that. Now I’m gonna have to watch some LPs too!

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