Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up (2017/01/04)


I have to go back to my day job thing now, so my gaming time is taking a hit. I enjoyed my last few days of freedom though, and I really hope I win the lottery soon (this could be the year!). Or maybe if someone out there would just pay me to play video games and write all day, that could work too. Let me know.

Backlog Battle Progress


Not much progress this week since I’m back at work/other life things. I also got lost in the world of Fallout 4 on my last day of freedom, instead of playing this game. I’m in the Underworld area now on a ship that can cross lava (thanks to an old friend). I somehow managed to have over 300,000 Gil burning a hole in my inventory, so I bought everyone deadly weapons and Diamond armor from a dwarf town I found.

Everyone is at the same level as last week. I’m about to head off into this Sealed Cave area soon. I’m betting I’ll run into that Golbez idiot in there…


I was just stalking around the ruined streets of Boston, minding my own business, after killing a group of Raiders and taking their stuff. When suddenly, out of nowhere, a Yao Guai (for those unfamiliar with Fallout, these are big angry mutated bears) starts mauling me. Luckily, all my side-questing has made me overpowered in this part of town. I took it out easily, and cooked up some juicy Yao Guai Ribs, which restore health and buff damage resistance. After that encounter, I continued on with my random side quest that had nothing to do with the main story.

I was sent to find this creepy scientist guy’s sister, who ran off with some dude who runs a theater cult. When I arrived, he said he locked her up in a room out back until she cools off (their relationship status was obviously complicated). Long story short, I killed everyone, freed the ungrateful tramp, and enjoyed my character’s sarcastic assessment of the situation. After that, I helped the creepy scientist guy on a quest that led me to an old insane asylum, where he had his crazy father, with ancient psychic powers, contained. The whole quest had a Resident Evil feel to it, and I’m not sure if I made the right decision at the end (My ghoul buddy Hancock disapproved). I also have some of his Mysterious Serum that I’m scared to try.

Shiny Trophy Unlocked:
Gun-For-Hire (Silver) – Complete 10 Side Quests
My character is at level 23, almost 24, and my buddy Hancock still likes me after his minor disapproval. He really liked what I did to that evil theater cult before that.


Finished! After I got the Wave Beam and 3 Energy Tanks,  I was able to destroy the first two bosses (and fake Kraid) very easily. I morph ball bombed the hell out of Kraid, and braved the lava to down Ridley easily. With 235 Missiles, 6 Energy Tanks, and the Ice Beam, I marched into Mother Brain‘s Tourian Lair. Her Metroid minions sucked away my energy a few times before I learned how to freeze them effectively. I made it to her creepy glass jar area, but her army of Rinkas (those little red dots that hit like trucks) defeated me. They always slammed right into me, and frequently pushed me into the bad lava pit in front of Mother Brain. I kept trying, but the evil brain in a jar kept winning. I was on a time limit and incredibly frustrated. I entered the almighty infinite health code and unleashed my vengeance. A self-destruct sequence was activated, and I still had to conquer the stressful platforming segment at the end. That was quite an adrenaline rush!


That last patch really made this game more enjoyable. When I’m playing lengthy RPGs, I like to have a fun game on the side that I can pick up whenever. ReCore is now this game for me. I’m trying to get all the chests for the optional Cavern Rush dungeon now. This dungeon has a lot of tricky platforming, and the time limit makes me nervous so I kept failing. I still have no idea where that damn yellow key is in this one either. It’s fun trying though! The platforming really reminds me of the Jak and Daxter games. I’ll clear it eventually.

Everything is at the same level as last week since there’s nothing to shoot at in Cavern Rush.

Games Shamefully Purchased:

None! 2017 is off to a good start.

Random Weekly Ramblings

  • This is my 50th post so yay! 🙂
  • I miss eating tasty junk food, sleeping in, and doing whatever the hell I wanted with my time. Alas, I’m back to the usual boring routine now that the holidays are over. After taking extended time off work, I find it very difficult to get back to the daily grind. On my first day back, I seriously wanted to crawl under my desk and start sobbing, but I didn’t want to take a trip to HR so early in the year. I’m also finding it hard to get back into my excessive workout plan. My treasured elliptical is helping me repent for my holiday treat binge, while I slowly increase my exercise load. Things will get easier once I settle back into normality. Until then, I’ll just keeping reminding myself of how awful it felt when I lost a job, and how miserable I was when I was out of shape.

    We’ll get through this, old friend.

Feel free to share your glorious conquests in that comment area thingy below. I could honestly use more inspiration…

“You fulfiled your mission. It will revive peace in space. But, it may be invaded by the other Metroid. Pray for a true peace in space!” – The horribly translated message at the end of Metroid.

22 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up (2017/01/04)

  1. Wait – no games purchased?! Who even are you?!?! Seriously though – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve gone through FFIV and it’s fantabulous. Enjoy the rest! And if you can, track down the free fan-made Metroid II remake that was floating around the Interweb for a while – it is amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Going back to work sucks, as does burning off all the Xmas goodie calories (not that I would know cos I am a lazy sod who never exercises.)

    Once again I must congratulate you on hitting fifty posts and beating Metroid. Were you surprised by the reveal that the protagonist is a girl? Guess not, but it was a big deal back in the day.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Going back to work and getting back to the daily grind is quite devastating after an extended leave. I, too, remind myself about how much I enjoy my job, though last week I nearly fell asleep at my desk while my coworker/supervisor was venting about things. He was amused. I almost resorted to taking a car nap (they’ve happened before). I’m playing catch up at work, and catch up here (it’s why I’m just replying to this now hehe).

    If I ever need brains in jars destroyed, I know who to call. I’d be too frozen with horror to do much but sit there frozen in horror. I’m useless when it comes to eldritch abominations.

    Cecil and friends will always be there waiting, and that is some awfully fine Lightning wall art! I played some Just Dance today with friends so I got some gaming AND exercising done #multitasking

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, it sure is 😦 I love my job too, but I love freedom more.Car naps eh? Perhaps I should stop walking so much and drive more, hehe.

      Not to brag, but I’ve vanquished countless abominations in my 24 year gaming career. It’s just part of the job.

      Cecil really cheered me up! 🙂 Thanks! I keep it there to inspire me when I need a moral boost. She reminds me that cruel fate can be challenged. Yay for multitasking! That sounds like the best way to exercise, ever.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s exactly how I feel. Even though I really like my job, I still look forward to three day weekends, and that tells you all you really need to know. It’s a pretty decent place to take a nap. Not…currently though. WAY too cold. I’d have to run the heat and burn gas. Nix to that.

        Liked by 1 person

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