My First Hour Bulking Up In Brinstar

1I have a backlog side quest to beat the Legend of Zelda and Metroid before 2017 gets here. I’ve dealt with Prince Darkness Ganon in 8-Bit Hyrule, but I have precious little time remaining to deal with the terrifying 8-Bit Mother Brain. Some people are out selling their unnecessary organs in order to buy one of the rare NES Classic things from those ruthless resellers (PSA: Don’t. I bet one of my unnecessary organs there will be tons available shortly after Christmas). I happen to have the original old NES, still alive and kicking thanks to a skillful surgeon’s 72 Pin Connector transplant, complete with the original cartridge version of Metroid. This crazy year is ending fast so it’s time to get the Morph Ball rolling!

What I Did

At first, a brief moment of panic combined with rage occurred when the cartridge wouldn’t work properly. After fetching a Q-Tip and some of the non-exciting type of alcohol, all was well. Heeding the wise advice of CheapBossAttack, I’m using a guide to get through this classic title ASAP. The guide led me shooting through the dark tunnels of Brinstar to collect Missiles, the Long Beam, a few Energy Tanks, trusty Morph Ball Bombs, and the chilling Ice Beam. I guess I forgot how horrible I am at side scrolling platform games because this surprisingly chewed up the whole first hour. My next goal is to pull off a tricky maneuver to get the Varia Suit without having the High Jump Boots. The Varia Suit will halve all damage against poor Samus, and based on the way Brinstar’s weak denizens are tearing me apart, I’m going to need it sooner rather than later.


Overall Thoughts

Before the legendary Lightning Farron existed, the smashing Samus Aran was my badass shero. Despite this, I’ve only completed her Metroid Prime series of games. Young me did wander aimlessly through Super Metroid a bit, but this is the first time I’ve seriously sat down with the platforming Samus. I do admit I prefer the behind the visor view of the Metroid Prime games, but the original Metroid game does have its charm. It’s freaking hard, but still fun. There’s a ton of backtracking, oodles of cool power ups, and of course, little direction. Without a guide, there would be no hope of me completing this by the end of the year. Even with a guide, I fear the boss battles may do me in. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to beat it, but I’m going to try.

Pro tip: Take a cellphone picture of the “Pass Word” screen instead of writing down that complicated save code thingy.

Other Gaming Progress


I FINALLY went to Diamond City! I’ve even gone to Goodneighbor now too. The story is slowly progressing, but I’m still swamped with side quests I want to do first. At this point, I’m not even sure I remember where the main story was going. Something about my son getting kidnapped while I was frozen for 200 years… Oh and I rescued a ghoul detective guy from a gang of classy ghoul mobsters in Vault 114. I’m not sure why though.


Joule and I have had a bit of a falling out. My first few hours in her world were good. Mack was adorable, Joule’s story was intriguing, Seth’s rail climbing ability was entertaining, and blasting angry robots was simply fun! Then I found Duncan and the Flyer Frame… You see, you can only have two Corebot buddies active a time.Whenever I stumble across a puzzle that needs a Corebot/Frame I don’t have, I need to make the long load time trek back to Joule’s Crawler to switch and go back. It’s just getting too tedious for me, and I’ve decided to focus on my other in-progress games before I try to finish this game. I still love the story so it may be enough to pull me through the games flaws, eventually.

“You haven’t lived until you’ve killed someone with a teddy bear.” – Fallout 4,  Junk Jet Tooltip

16 thoughts on “My First Hour Bulking Up In Brinstar

  1. Whoa! Great redesign, dude. Like it. Is there a redesign or have I gone insane, finally?

    I bloody love the Metroid franchise, but until I got the Mini NES I’d never played the NES original. It’s good, I like it, although I think Super Metroid is one of the few near perfect games out there… even though I think the Metroid Prime games are better than even that.

    For England, James?

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    1. Thanks dude!! Nope, you’re not insane (I never thought I’d EVER say that to you). I’m still trying to track down a copy of that awesome title. Metroid Prime is on my Top 10 games of all time list for sure.

      No, for me. 🙂

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  2. Ahhh Mother Brain TERRIFIED me as a child and terrifies me still. Before there was Jenova there was Mother Brain as an evil, hive minded, eldritch abomination in a jar D: Good luck with your quest! Note to self: learn how to commit murder with a teddy bear *takes notes*

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      1. See I’m not sure! I think Mother Brain is more terrifying to look at, especially that version in Super Metroid (I think) where it’s ambulatory. Like I can’t even look at pictures of that now as an adult, because I’ll have nightmares. In terms of powers, Jenova has the ability to get into your head and make you do things, and while MB was a hive minded entity, too, I don’t think it could do that. Granted, cats have mind controlling parasites, too, but cats are adorable!

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        1. Oh wow! I guess Jenova is more creepy to me because I’ve never seen Mother Brain yet in a game. I’m working on it, but her underlings are currently kicking my ass, lol. Maybe cats have just made us think they look adorable…

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          1. Ahhh when you do, let me know. I think she’s creepy in the original even as just a brain in a jar, but then I always had this thing about brains in general being creepy, so I think it’s a thing of mine. They’re both terrifying in different ways! If you feel up for some body horror, google “Super Metroid Mother Brain.” THAT version is the scariest one I’ve ever seen D:

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              1. Right?! And, omg, and I was on YouTube yesterday, and one of the people I subscribe to is doing a Metroid let’s play. They’re at the end, and THAT was the thumbnail. I scrolled past as quickly as I could before the image could leach into my brain. I can see how that would fit into RE. Final boss material right there.

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