Random Musings 3: Lest We Forget, Scoring A Classic, Glow In The Dark Amiibo

Please, never let this happen again!

I’m going to start off with an unusually serious topic. In Canada, many people are given this sombre day off to reflect on the awful wars that have torn across our planet. Remembrance Day is a time to think about the great sacrifices our brave soldiers have made, in order to give us the freedom we take for granted today. The eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month is a time to silently honor those who have fallen to protect the people they held dear. As horrible as it is thinking about these depressing topics, it’s important to acknowledge the barbaric past, so we can prevent it from warping into a grim future.

Video games tend to glamorize the glory of war, but in reality there is no greater evil to endure. I can’t even begin to imagine how horrific it must have been to live in a soiled trench carved in a dangerous battlefield. With the stench of death in the air, and the crushing sounds of artillery fire raining around. Watching your close friends get killed beside you, while knowing you could easily be the next to fall. I am truly grateful to those who have served, and who continue to serve our great country.

John McCrae was a heroic Canadian Medical Officer who served during World War I. He wrote this haunting poem after the death of one of his close friends in the Second Battle of Ypres.

As disturbing recent events have reminded me, evil is still thriving in many parts of our ravaged world. Millions of people are suffering through brutal conflicts, terrible diseases, and god knows what else. It’s so easy to fall down the pit of despair when I think about how powerless I am to solve any of this. With so much darkness clinging around, it’s hard to find any glimmer of light. A big reason why I enjoy video games is that they give me a world I can save. I know it’s not real, but it’s my coping mechanism to escape from harsh reality for a few hours. I’ve learned to focus on helping the people in my life that I can, while hoping that one day the light of humanity can find a way to banish darkness once and for all.

It’s called “stock” Nintendo. You should try building it up some product launch…

I do love big Nintendo. I know I wouldn’t be a gamer today if they hadn’t of pulled younger me in with their awesome IPs. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to get the concept of making enough of their popular products to meet launch demands. The angry internet forum jury is still out on whether it’s to create an artificial demand, or that they just take a stubbornly conservative approach to manufacturing. Short supply combined with the Christmas shopping rush left me with little hope of getting one of the NES Classics. However, the online shopping checkout gods smiled down on me this morning. I managed to snag one in the 3 minute window they were in stock. In my auto-fill haste, I accidentally got it shipped to my parents house, but hey at least its on the way.

What silly Marketing executive is worried about this not selling well during the holidays? C’mon, make more!

I really hope more are pumped into the retail chain soon so that everyone who wants one can get it. I don’t understand the lack of stock. It’s a popular nostalgic item that almost anyone would enjoy having. I don’t see any risk in creating lots of this product. Oh well… I’m not in marketing, but I’m sure there is a silly reason.

I’ve reached full Amiibo capacity, but I still need more!

Love the packaging! I felt a little bad tearing it apart like a rabid Amiibo fiend.

My Super Mario Brothers Wave 2 Amiibo arrived this week! I am now the proud, but mostly ashamed, owner of Boo, Daisy, Rosalina, DK, Diddy, Wario, and last but certainly not least Waluigi. I am very impressed with the overall quality of these latest additions to the addictive Amiibo line. Boo has the creepy ability to glow in the dark, and the mischievous Diddy Kong looks adorable on the barrel. Unfortunately, the custom shelves my Dad made for me are passed full now. I’ve ordered a simple shoe rack from Amazon to continue piling them on. I keep getting told by my loved ones that there are worse things to waste money on. I keep wanting to believe them…

Ah, cute plastic figures. Another one of my defense mechanisms to cope in our cruel world. Waluigi is just awesome, I like SSB Rosalina better since she comes with Luma, and Diddy’s barrel is a great added detail.
Little Boo really glows in the dark, and I’m a bit scared to turn my back on him. Daisy is just another boring hapless Princess to me. Wario and DK are superb quality, and I prefer them over the other versions I have.

Bring on the Zelda line next! Oh and Yarn Poochy… I really need that one too. Help me!

28 thoughts on “Random Musings 3: Lest We Forget, Scoring A Classic, Glow In The Dark Amiibo

  1. Lest we forget, indeed! I am one of the unlucky people who still has to go to work on Remembrance Day, but thankfully my workplace does a ceremony at 11 a.m. I at least got to participate in that this morning! I still remember hearing the Remembrance Day presentations over the loudspeaker in elementary school where they’d read the Flanders Fields poem and have a trumpet player playing typical warsongs, interspersed with old recordings of people talking about the war. It’s so haunting to know that such a peaceful place like Canada has such a violent and horrible past. When I repeatedly get poked by my poppy, I’m always reminded it’s a negligible price to pay to honour those that fought for us.

    Your love for Amiibo reminds me of my own struggle with my love for video game collecting. As I’m handing away fistfuls of money to sellers, half the time I’m wondering why there is such an allure and a requirement for me to get these games. I totally need more shelves too. We are really starting to run out of space in the nerd room!

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    1. They were talking about making it a national holiday, and I really think they should. I’m glad your work observed the moment of silence. Many countries have such dark pasts when I think about it…
      Giving sharp pins to kids isn’t the best idea. I remember lots of shenanigans with poppies when I was a kid, lol. I lose at least two per year, but that means the veterans get more money when I buy more 🙂
      I did the math on my Amiibo habit and was a bit scared lol. They are worth it though! It’s never a waste to spend it on a hobby you truly enjoy. I have a one bedroom apartment and my space is getting pretty limited. It’s starting to feel like I live in a gamer cave, which isn’t such a bad thing actually 🙂

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      1. I’d love to live in a gamer cave. If my boyfriend had his way, we’d have a million more shelves in our Nerd Room, and it’d start feeling like a true cave. Thankfully, we’ve only got a few shelves hanging at the moment, but they’re stuffed. An expansion will have to happen soon enough!

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  2. Nice collection! I got about half of the new line of amiibo, but I’m happy with the ones I got. Also very lucky that you got the NES Classic Edition! I think I got it online too, but you never know with this kind of thing. I’m peeved that this is just like the Smash amiibo days… sigh.

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    1. Thanks! I wish I could just buy the ones I really want. Sadly, I’ve turned into an addict and must have them all!! 🙂

      It’s true, you’re never certain until you get that shipping notification. They can always cancel because they oversold. Mine arrived safe and sound. I hope you got yours too! I remember those horrible early Smash Amiibo days. That’s what trained me enough to snag a NES Classic on limited launch day, lol

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  3. This is US’s Veteran’s Day, which I’d say is a similar mien as Remembrance Day, because I doubt the veteran’s could ever forget. I couldn’t agree with you more on the false glorification of war. It is made to appear glamorous through various media, but no one who’s ever fought will tell you stories like that.

    WTH Nintendo? They always do this. I remember for at least two years you couldn’t find a Wii, and it doesn’t make any sense. Demand is ridiculously high, but they’re keeping supply low for asinine reasons. It’s not like the units won’t sell. I just don’t get it.

    Finally to finish this comment off cutely, I want a Daisy and a Rosalina! So cute ♥

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  4. You may want to seek treatment for Amiibo addiction hehe. Why are Nintendo products always out of stock? I think it’s intentional to keep prices high. Unlike other companies, Nintendo stuff doesn’t tend to depreciate in value.

    I agree that games are guilty of glorifying war. One exception to that rule is the excellent Valiant Hearts. It’s well worth checking out if you want to learn more about WWII.

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    1. I’m too far gone for that now… They are horrible at this stock thing. I hope it’s not for greedy reasons.

      Seems interesting! My Grandfather served in WWII so I’d be interested to learn more. I’ll add it to my near infinite wishlist…

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  5. Stock of NES Classics was terrible here in Australia too…having to fight over scraps for what could have been the biggest stocking stuffer of this holidays makes no sense. Congrats on getting one! I’ll have to wait just a little longer…

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  6. I’m a bit bemused by the NES mini shortages. I pre-ordered mine off the Nintendo site and it turned up several days before the official release. I guess the company badly misjudged how popular it would be. Oh well, keep hunting! It’s totally worth it.

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  7. TY for your dignified thoughts on Remembrance Day & “In Flanders Fields”. I love reciting it to the unsuspecting on Remembrance Day. I somehow think all Canadians should know it by heart…. but hey, no judgements.
    About collecting Amiibo pals… I think that it’s very cool.
    I’m all stressed out waiting for a ceramic duck from Spain. She comes with an egg & is to be the bride of my first ceramic duck. I’m not sure why she isn’t here now, but I’m hoping it’s due to the season. I haven’t collected much in my life, but these ducks are very appealing.
    Well, have a great Sunday!!!!

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    1. From school age to now, I will always remember “In Flanders Fields”. I agree that it would be great if all Canadians knew it off by heart!

      Amiibo are so cute I can’t help myself, lol

      I hope your ceramic duck arrives safe and sound! This time of year is crazy busy for delivering packages, and customs can really slow things down too. I find collecting things fun! I hope you post pictures of her when she arrives.

      Have a great Sunday too!!


  8. I’m just learning about WWI now with Battlefield 1. In history, they never go through the war and they just say “Treaty of Versailles.” and call it a day.

    I didn’t know anything at all about this war, it’s so fascinating to read and research about this war that is very obscure here in America. I didn’t know that the we, the Americans had some large part in the war although very small, it was still large enough to turn the tide in the Allies favor after the failed German Spring Offensive in 1918.

    Just like Winston Churchill said, ““Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many and so few.” , Lest we forgot. We celebrated here too with the Battle of Varennes-en-Argonne, and the Battle of the Argonne Forest.

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    1. When you mentioned Battlefield 1 on your blog, it made me add it to my wishlist. It’s sad that they don’t go cover the war. I think it’s important to learn about the past so we can prevent it from happening again.

      Here in Canada, the war is known for defining us as a country to the rest of the world. We played key roles in many battles and it earned our ally’s respect. Before that, we were essentially just a British colony to the rest of the planet. It is very fascinating to research it!

      That’s a great quote by the way.

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      1. Thanks. No problem. Over here, it’s as obscure as Korea and Vietnam. They don’t go over the war as a whole, just mention Treaty of Versailles and that’s it, mainly.

        It’s a shame because we fought in many battles. From the Second Battle for the Marne to Varennes-en-Argonne to the Argonne Forest, we the Americans fought alongside the French, and the British. Shame, really. I was reading about the Battle of the Argonne and the bird, Cher Ami who saved the Lost Battalion. It’s fascinating, really to know things that you never knew about.

        You haven’t played Battlefield 1 yet? It’s so good!

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  9. I did a bit of training with your Canadian army as a member of the U.S. Army. They were great soldiers to works with. Extremely professional. Even earned a set of Canadian Jump wings for my efforts. Thank you for taking some time to express remembrance for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. I didn’t think I would read an opening like that in a blog about video games.

    Reminds me of this quote.

    “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” -Plato,

    Signed: A Veteran who has buried Veterans.

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    1. I was in the Canadian Army Reserves from the senior high until the end of college. I never got sent anywhere hostile since the reserves here just basically train continuously to protect home soil, unless you volunteer to go overseas. I’ve heard lots of firsthand stories about how great you American soldiers were to work with! I decided the full time army life wasn’t for me, but I’m truly grateful for the experiences I had with it.

      That quote is haunting but entirely true. Thank you so much for your service to your country. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be to bury fellow soldiers.

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