Demo Diving: The Pokemon Sun and Moon Special

The last game in the iconic Pokemon series that I played was the FireRed version. Way back in the good old days, I spent countless hours of my youth enjoying Yellow, Red, Blue, Gold, and Silver. I remember taking advantage of the infamous “MissingNo.” glitch to create near infinite arsenal of Master Balls, and an army of Rare Candy overloaded terrors. I also remember hunting those elusive Legendary Dogs running amok in Johto, and basking in all my glory when I finally caught the majestic Entei. After those first 251-ish, I stopped paying attention to the series. Many of you awesome bloggers out there keep mentioning the upcoming Sun and Moon games, and my interest in the fierce little pocket monsters has been renewed. After reading Mr Teatime’s intriguing thoughts on the demo, I decided to give it a go. Here are my chaotic ramblings about the experience:

Aloha Strange Beasts
I have to admit, the new world of Pokemon is kinda intimidating to this cranky gamer. The only creature in my party that I was familiar with was the adorable lightning wielder, Pikachu. Thanks to by my crushing Amiibo addiction, Greeninja was at least recognizable, even though I really didn’t know what his deal was. Apparently he’s some sort of frog ninja who kicks ass, as his name implies. I found a Machamp and Slowpoke hanging out in the town area, but sadly I couldn’t throw Pokeballs at them. This old woman is feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused now that there are 751 varieties of them.

I have no idea what these creatures are… Where’s my cane?

What the hell happened to Team Rocket?
When I watched the cartoons as a kid, Jesse, James, and Meowth were awesome. I both hated them and felt sorry for them as I watched blast off, yet again. Giovanni and his minions felt like a real threat to the the Pokeworld in Red, Blue, and Yellow. These Team Skull punks are a bunch of amusing pushovers. I burst out laughing at the Grunt’s attempt at aggressive posturing. Their boss lady in the demo, Plumeria, seems like an arrogant bitc… er, brat. Perhaps they were designed to be a lighthearted malevolent force on the Aloha region, but I definitely prefer Team Rocket. The whole story in general was a little too sugary for my tastes. At the end of the demo’s quest, a nice teaser movie for the full version of the games was shown. This gave me hope that the main story will at least be entertaining.

They seem like they belong in a horrible pop music video… Just my unimportant opinion of course.

I get to ride a Tauros and smash rocks with it!?
This was my first stroll in a 3D Pokemon environment, and it was spectacularly beautiful. The coastal Aloha region seems like a vibrant paradise, and the music was extremely upbeat (it might get annoying after a while though). I’ve been trying to get through a lot of darker post-apocalyptic themed games recently, and I could honestly use a bit of a “pick me up”. In the older Pokemon games, I remember being amazed watching my little 2D dude glide along on his bike. In this demo, my jaw dropped when Professor Muscles handed me the reigns to a Tauros, and told me I could ride it. It can also break apart rocks blocking my path in the world. The teaser at the end of the demo showed the Trainer riding all sorts of creatures, and I really think this will be an awesome experience. I can only imagine what secrets there will be to uncover.

Hello there, Professor. I would definitely like to be your friend!

Backlog worthy?
Definitely. Despite my aversion to the overly cheery plot line in the demo, I think the main whimsical adventure will be a great change of pace. Since I’ve been away from the series for so long, this game feels like a refreshing experience. Solgaleo seems like the epic creature I would prefer, and I’ve asked Santa to add the Sun version to my backlog stocking this year. As an added bonus, you can carry over some items and Mr. Frog Ninja from the demo into the main game. When I get around to it, I’m hoping I can track down a Charmander somewhere in Aloha, and I have absolutely no intention of trying to catch ’em all.

In other news:

  • A special thanks to the sinister evilwizardesq for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I recently did something similar for the One Lovely Blog Award so I’m not going to bore you guys to tears with more facts about me. Go check out his epic posts on all important subjects such as #FrozenFoodFridays, Kindhearted Gamers, and many well deserved jabs at a certain US presidential candidate. Watch out for the incinerated village remains littering his blog though.
  • Didn’t make any progress on any of my games again this week. I did turn on my Xbox One on and downloaded a 5 GB patch for ReCore. I bet they fixed some stuff that was bothering me! Unfortunately, I grew bored waiting for the download to finish, and was distracted by my other non-gaming hobbies before I could play.
  • NINTENDO SWITCH!! *faints and then wakes up to go purchase Nintendo stock*

10 thoughts on “Demo Diving: The Pokemon Sun and Moon Special

  1. I like it when demos allow you to carry over stuff into the main game. Wish more companies did that sort of thing, but I guess many are wary of demos. Sometimes a poor demo will scare off a player off from buying a title they were originally planning to purchase.

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  2. I can’t say Pokemon (even in my brain) without singing it. Like this: “PokEmoooOWWWOoon!” I’ve signed up for cognitive behavioural therapy to get this sorted.

    As for Switch – I’m way too excited for that thing. Oh, man. Launched 20 years to the month as the N64, too, which is cool.

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  3. Glad to have piqued your interest like this. I feel like demos are slowly disappearing, which is sad since I love to play a game before buying it. While some say it may scare off potential buyers, it is more a matter of honesty about the game’s content in my book, since trailers can only convey so much. Anyway, lovely article and I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on the matter.

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