New Swag: Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo (Wave 1)

Japan only Amiibo? No problem! Thanks to this wonderful global economy of ours, importing shiny plastic things is both affordable and easy. I may have crashed through the rock bottom of my Amiibo addiction with this purchase, but I need a full damn set of these things. Silly region specific releases aren’t going to stop this Amiibo fiend.

North America will get these either next year or never. I prefer to have them now.

I must confess that I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game. I’ve heard they have a steep learning curve, but very fun once you get into them. The game these Amiibo work with is apparently a deviation from the classic games with a more cartoon-y atmosphere. Capcom has yet to even confirm if this game is coming to North America. Obviously, I didn’t buy these for their in game functionality so it really doesn’t matter to me.

The riders are hands down the most detailed Amiibo ever released. The paint jobs are perfect, and the little intricate details on both of the Rathalos are amazing. They’ve got spikes, mean dragon expressions, and magnificent wings. The riders themselves are also well crafted, and can easily be taken off and swapped. This is a neat detail that none of the previous Amiibo have had. Nabiru, the cat creature, is much more simplistic by comparison. He is still cute, and mine had no paint defects at all. The series comes on a shiny silver base that really stands out from the other Amiibo.

One-Eyed Rathalos and Rider (Girl)
One-Eyed Rathalos and Rider (Boy)


Capcom has pulled off a great set of third party Amiibo. I’m happy with my purchase and looking forward to Wave 2 in December. Hopefully they will release the game and Amiibo in North American at some point. That way more people can enjoy these awesome little things.

Gaming Progress

I haven’t touched a controller in two weeks… I don’t think I can call myself a gamer anymore.

18 thoughts on “New Swag: Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo (Wave 1)

  1. I literally stopped gaming when I started blogging. There are only so many hours in a day. Then there’s work for money, housework, cooking… and most importantly, time well spent with family and friends. (but I loved gaming & may take a break from everything else if I can find an inspiring new game)

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  2. Nabiru looks like he’d fit in well on my shelf ‘o fandom. I MAY have preordered a particular one winged general who’s set to arrive in February of next year so the figurine addiction seems ubiquitous. I also really, really, really want this lovely Zelda one of our fellow bloggers posted about a few weeks ago.

    You’re still a gamer! Sometimes I go weeks to a month without having tie to play anything, but I’m always writing about video games so I think it counts. I do feel you on that though in regards to reading, as well. I used to be a huge reader like sixty books in one summer reader, but adulthood ruins everything D:

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    1. Oh I remember those awesome Zelda figures! I also need these on my shelf someday.

      If reading blogs about video games also counts, I think I’m good. Those silly job things and other grown up responsibilities really steal time away from my hobbies.

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          1. Ugh that’s awful. Exchange rates are such bummers. I know that the dollar used to be about half what the pound was, but I’m not sure what it is since Brexit. Figurines are also pretty pricey to begin with. i paid $300 for one of my Sephiroth ones, but I was looking for him for a loooooong time. I also bought two and managed to sell the other for twice what I bought it for (I think I mentioned that) only because it was so rare, but the store I went to got them directly from Japan. Unfortunately, it’s near New York, almost 3 hours away (I’m closer to Philadelphia) so it’s not really convenient to do that little trick again.

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            1. $300 dollars isn’t too bad at all for a character that is special to you. It’s awesome that you were able to make a huge profit on the second one. There are two more Lightning and an Odin Play Arts Figure that I’d really like to have. Unfortunately, they are all listed a stupidly high prices (over $400 my currency). Oh well… I’ll keep watching and hoping for cheap ones to pop up.

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              1. The prices are so freaking high. I’d found that Sephiroth years ago on eBay for $450, and I just couldn’t justify buying him then. I mean I get why the figures are expensive. They’re extremely detailed and awesome and someone put a lot of work into their design, but still frustrating. If I see any less expensive ones, I’ll send them your way!

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      1. Ah well, I heard the other day their value has dropped since Nintendo started printing more so the professional buyer-&-seller types have given up.


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