New Swag: Square Enix Static Arts Bust No. 01

Nintendo’s Amiibo figures have turned into a plastic swag gateway drug for me. The crafty Square Enix decided to start a new swag line called “Static Arts Busts”. The line will feature plastic sculptures of their iconic characters in unmovable, but epic, poses. Guess who they chose to be the first one? Sorry bank account, I really had no other choice…


I’m both impulsive and impatient so I preordered this back in June from a reputable store in Hong Kong. These were up for sale in the Square Enix official US store, but our Canadian dollar is terrible when compared to the mighty US greenback. It was actually cheaper for me to buy it overseas. It arrived Monday wrapped in enough bubble wrap to protect it from an apocalypse. They will definitely be getting my business in the future.

The statue is on the small side measuring in at 17 cm tall (just under 7 inches). It is significantly smaller than a Play Arts figure, Square’s other pose-able swag line. I knew the measurements when I ordered it, but it felt smaller in person than I had pictured it. The statue is made of a soft textured PVC plastic, and the overall build quality is superb. Even though it is static, the statue appears to flow like Lightning gracefully swings her Gunblade in the game. Her facial features are spot on, and all the little details on her outfit are well done. Crystals are a big part of the trilogy, and it was a nice touch having a crystal like base for the statue.

Helpful instructions on the box flap. I’m sure I could have figured it out though.
I really wasn’t expecting any assembly, but hey, its only two pieces. It took a bit of gentle force, but Lightning’s fearsome Gunblade eventually stuck in place.
The statue may be small, but they really put in a significant amount of detail.
Her hair seems a bit off, but I understand it’s difficult to sculpt realistic hair in plastic.
Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase. I’m a huge fan of Lightning’s character, and I’m pleased to show my approval to Square by purchasing this.

I’m excited to find out who No. 02 will be, but I have no intention of collecting all of the Static Arts Bust line. I’ve committed to becoming a 100% complete Amiibo collector, so I have to be picky with other plastic things, until I win the lottery of course. Anyone who pays attention to my ramblings has probably picked up on the fact that I idolize Lightning (my username/avatar is probably a giveaway too). I have the Platinum Trophy for all 3 Final Fantasy XIII games, and I have spent 300+ hours over the course of a year with Lightning and her companions. I try not to bore everyone with my personal life, but it was a difficult year for me. It eased my troubled soul to find a fictional character I could really relate to. Since I have a strong emotional attachment to the character, this plastic item will forever have a special place on my desk. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes Lightning. I also have high hopes for the future characters they will be releasing.

Weekly Gaming Progress

recoreThe long load times are starting to become a big annoyance. I was defeated by the Core Foundry boss a few times. Each failure resulted in a 2+ minute load time wait to try again… I also encountered stutter-y graphic glitches during gameplay and one that ruined a cutscene. I haven’t seen any more glitches since the 300MB patch they released this week though. The story still has me intrigued enough to look past the faults. It’s such a shame they didn’t spend more time polishing up what could have been a true masterpiece. I have unlocked all of the coloured shots, recruited more Corebot buddies, Seth and Duncan, and the big bad has been revealed. I’m having fun blasting through the optional dungeon areas before continuing on with the main mission. Joule’s weapon and Mack are both at level 18, and Seth and Duncan are just a few levels behind.

fallout-4Still fighting my way through the Feral Ghoul infestation that has plagued the Commonwealth. I think I’m close to finished with the Minutemen side quests so I have started focusing on the Brotherhood of Steel ones. My character is at Level 12 and must hate me for neglecting the main mission of seeking out her son. I’ll go to Diamond City, eventually. A recent blog entry from Physics has reminded to treasure my time in this game. It’s always a bit sad when we finally reach the end of an epic journey.

the-legend-of-zeldaI have conquered the brutal Wizzrobes of the 6th dungeon, and I’m getting ready for the 7th. I am following a guide so I know there is a Hungry Goriya waiting for me inside. I need to pick up some Bait before I try to tackle the next level.

5 thoughts on “New Swag: Square Enix Static Arts Bust No. 01

  1. I really enjoyed reading this and seeing the pictures of your new figure! Lightning will be an awesome display piece on your desk. I haven’t purchased any but it seems like Square makes some pretty cool figures. I’m looking forward to seeing what Final Fantasy 7 stuff they release!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re very welcome! 🙂 Me too. They have done a lot of Final Fantasy releases over the years but I’d like to have the figures close to their original designs but just updated to modern standards instead of Advent Children figures for example. It will be interesting to see what Square releases!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Bank account be damned, you HAD to get that Lightning! There’s just no other acceptable option. I pre-ordered the Sephiroth figurine that was released due to the Remake. I believe I’ll receive it in February of next year so late Christmas (or rather Advent) present. Having a strong connection with a fictional character is (ironically maybe) one of the best ways to ground yourself. They’ll never go anywhere/leave you and you can always rely on them to be there when you need them. There’s this “choose three characters you relate to” thingy going around on Facebook. It was fun but a little sad in realization.

    Boo for long load times. That stinks and really makes you lose the thread of the game. I love what newer games can do, but not having load times was a far simpler era.

    You’ll be one of the few people I know who’s beaten the first Legend of Zelda when you do! I should find a Let’s Play of that. How that’s for some nostalgia. I love the Title music in that game. Even in midi form its a bit chill inducing. Koji Kondi is another musical mastermind.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right! My bank account needs to relax and let me buy what I want. That sounds like an awesome post Christmas gift. I have the original Sephiroth Play Arts figure, but I bet the new one will be more awesome. I can see the irony, but that it so true. Sometimes it is comforting to escape into another person’s life, even though they aren’t real, in order to forget about personal troubles.

      I hope I get to beat the last boss in 8-Bit Hyrule. I’m scared to think how hard the first Gannon will be… I love how they tweak the overworld song ever so slightly for each Zelda game. It really ties them together, and shows how they evolve over time.

      Liked by 1 person

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