The Entertaining Blogger Award


A special thank you to The Shameful Narcissist for nominating my blog for this prestigious award. Honestly, I use this blog as an outlet to spew my small stream of gaming thoughts out to the massive ocean that is the internet. I’m both shocked, and honored, that some talented bloggers have taken an interest in my little corner of WordPress. I just want to say thanks to everyone out there who actually finds my random musings entertaining!

I know many of you reading this probably already know The Shameful Narcissist (I frequently see her comments as I stalk your blogs). I actually first met her through a comment on the The Well-Red Mage‘s blog. She is a very talented writer who offers a variety of reviews, insights into the editing process, Fanfictions, and more. I’m currently reading her amazing Fanfiction, Northern Lights, based on Final Fantasy VII. I’m only a few chapters into it so far, but she has already converted me from a Sephiroth hater. Definitely check out her blog if you haven’t yet!

The Rules of The Entertainer Blogger Award:

  • Write a post including the award picture.
  • Nominate 12 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring, and most importantly ENTERTAINING!
  • Add these rules to the post.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog!
  • Also, answer the questions down below.

Here I go:

Why did you start to blog in the first place?

Way back when, the bored 15 year old me started a user blog on a gaming website, I was trapped in High School at the time, and in desperate need of an outlet to express myself. You see in real life, I’m an Introvert. This means that my head is constantly buzzing with thoughts, and social interactions drain my battery. I like talking to and helping other humans, it’s just that I prefer my alone time in order to recharge. Let’s just say the whole public education system here was hell for me. It’s hard to fit in when you have a personality type that ~70% of the other people in the world don’t understand at all. And I know now that I must have seemed silent and arrogant to everyone else. Anyway, that little blog helped me connect with people who shared my favourite video game hobby, and it made my angst-y teenage years a lot more tolerable. I’ve abandoned that particular blog many years ago, due to some site controversy and I really didn’t like the direction they were going.

As I grew older, I started missing the blogging thing. I truly do enjoy writing, and I missed the community aspect of them. I decided to start this blog last year. I like the WordPress format better since it gives me control over my piece of the internet. I’m drowning in a backlog of games I want to play, so I decided to focus on my hopeless mission to play them all. I wasn’t expecting anyone to actually read this, and now I find myself blessed with 35 followers out there!

Side note: If you are personally dealing with despairing feelings about not fitting into the world, I suggest you take this personality test. It explains the entire Introvert/Extrovert concept, and it really helped me understand myself a lot better (I’m apparently INFJ-T, the Advocate).

What is your favourite book?

Oddly enough, writing is one of my favourite things in the world to do, yet I barely spend any of my time reading books. I blame it on my other time consuming activities. Other than The Shameful Narcissist‘s awesome Northern Lights Fanfiction, another blogger highly recommended the graphic novel series, Saga. I’ve never been into comics, but it seemed interesting. I bought a digital copy of Vol. 1 and couldn’t put it down until I finished it! The characters were interesting, and there was plenty of sarcastic/dark humor moments to entertain me. Be warned, Saga is for adult eyes only. It depicts crude adult situations (giggity), lots of gruesome violence, etc.

1What to you dislike the most?

One thing that gets on my nerves is the never-ending “System Wars”debates raging across many gaming sites. It’s so sad reading the hate fueled comments some people spin, just because they think they’ve chosen the superior game console. Who cares if you’re blindly loyal to Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft? Definitely not me. I wish people would just play what they enjoy, and respect other people’s choices.

What is your favourite food item at the mall?

Poutine. A food item that makes me proud to be Canadian.

Poutine, the dish created in the Canadian Province of Quebec, consists of fries topped with cheese curds and drizzled in gravy. Mmmm…

What is your favourite past time activity?

I have a 3-way tie for this one.

  • Video Games – I think that’s a given…
  • Writing – I’ll never admit this in real life, but I’ve been working on writing a novel for over a year now. It is actually the main reason why my gaming backlog has grown out of control. Most days I find that I’d rather pick up my keyboard and create my own world, instead of a gaming controller and just visiting someone else’s universe. I’ve always intended it to be for my eyes only, but it has always been a pipe dream of mine to become a published author. Right after becoming a famous Holloywood actress, winning the lottery, and being a Gold Record rock star. Dreams make life worth living I guess, even if they have no chance of actually happening.
  • Combat Hapkido – A few months ago,  I decided to try this fun martial arts discipline. I was inspired by the badass female video game heroes I admire (Lightning, Samus, Faith, to name a few). I’ve found that it eases my frustrated mind, and has really improved my confidence level. I’m just a low ranking Orange belt, but I feel I have gained enough knowledge to bring down anyone dumb enough to attack me.

I’ve rambled about my life enough for one blog. Now I get to nominate 12 other blogs. Don’t feel like you have to do one of these posts, and sorry if you’ve already done this. In no particular order:

  • Blogging for Dopamine – This impressive lady introduced the Saga graphic novel series to me in one of her posts. She blogs about all kind of interesting Geek things. She also has great articles about Introverts/Extroverts, and other important mental health topics.
  • Professional Moron – This humorous blog has always cheered me up whenever I’m having a bad day. There’s everything from horrible dating advice, to unique inventions that should have just stayed ideas (“Cemint” for example).
  • The Late Night Session – Geek topic goodness plus helpful troubleshooting advice. We all know how bitter the Windows OS can be….
  • The Otaku Judge – Well written critiques on games/anime, and also very aware of the pitfalls of the super popular Pokemon Go game.
  • Terminally Nerdy – He’s on a WordPress vacation at the moment, but has lots of interesting game content on his blog. He seems to prefer making YouTube videos though.
  • Paticlebit – One of the first bloggers I met on WordPress. He writes about various gaming topics, and has been focusing on Pokemon Go lately (including the recent issues plaguing the game).
  • Extra Life – My go to place for in-depth reviews on a variety of games.
  • Video Games Nebula – This guy offers an entertaining perspective on Video Games. What would happen if video game characters were real?
  • Deconstructing Video Games – As the name suggests, this blog takes games apart and analyzes them from various perspectives.
  • Log 1932 – A fellow Liberty Prime fan from Fallout 3. “DEMOCRACY IS NON-NEGOTIABLE!”
  • Gaming Picks – Entertaining posts about games they are working on. I’m looking forward to reading more about No Man’s Sky from them. (A game I’m currently staying away from for backlog crushing reasons)
  • What Rhino Said – Great posts about his journeys through games. I really find his posts about attending game conferences entertaining. Someday, I want to actually go to an E3 event myself.

23 thoughts on “The Entertaining Blogger Award

  1. Oh my goodness, you’re saying you’re flattered, I’M flattered you think so highly of me and my blog and fanfiction *blushes and hides* You’re not the first person to tell me I’ve either converted them to not hating Sephiroth or converted them to the Aeriseph ship. I don’t know whether to laugh evilly or grin like a goon (I’m currently doing the latter, but it’s late so I’m using that as an excuse). I was happy to nominate you! I love these blogger award thingies, because it gives you an excuse to talk about what blogs you like/follow and why. Everybody wins!

    I’m introverted, too, but I can act like an extrovert in real life, and I’m even more outgoing on the internet if I’m talking to the right people. Social interactions are exhausting, and I can definitely understand how high school would’ve been hellish for you. I think at that time I didn’t really know or think about the introvert/extrovert thing, and I had a good group of friends that I looked forward to seeing everything, which made it a lot easier to deal with. It was still hard for other reasons, but it’s the little things that can get you through. My BFF is an introvert, too, and is even “worse” than me, because she doesn’t do the acting like an extrovert. I love texting and online communication though. I guess because I can seem like I’m much more clever than I often feel IRL, and I’m not on the spot like I would be in face to face interactions. I have time to think/consider a response.

    I could not agree with you more on the system wars. It’s like the argument between iPhone and Android. Seriously who cares? Does this system/game make people happy? Why are you ragging on it? I was an NES girl growing up, and we did used to rag on Sega, but I was between five and ten! Once you grow up you realize that it doesn’t matter. We’re all gamers and whatever games make you the most happy and whatever system has those games are what you should be playing.

    I’m going to take a look at this post again when I’m not so tired so I can check out all the blogs you tagged! Oh and the Well-Red Mage has brought a LOT of people together! It’s pretty freaking awesome.

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    1. Thanks again for the nomination!

      I didn’t find out I was an Introvert, or even knew what it was, until I was 23-ish. It really explained a lot, and would have helped out the younger me if I had known sooner. I’ve learned how to act outgoing now too. I understand a lot of people have misconceptions about the “quiet” people so I try to act “normal”, lol. I now force myself to chat with strangers in the elelvator, strike up random conversations with co-workers, etc. It makes me exhausted by the time I get home though. A few of my extrovert friends do drag me out of my cave occasionally. I’m usually annoyed, but I know they’re just doing it beacuse they think its best for me. I like forming close friendships with people, and I’m still in contact with the best friends I made in elementary school. I also love texting/interent conversing. It’s so nice having a chance to think of a good response!

      I don’t mind the lighthearted bickering about System Wars. It’s the obvious 12 year olds typing “Nintendo sux!!11! LOL” that really get on my nerves. I test cell phone software for a living, and I often find myself rolling my eyes at the Android Vs Apple debates I hear at work.

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      1. I don’t think extroverts quite understand the introvert mind, but I suppose the inverse is true as well. I…think I get it? It’s easy on paper I suppose. Extroverts get their energy from outside sources whereas introverts draw from within. I say I only have a limited amount of social mana to expend in a day, and once it’s done it’s done. Oddly enough my job doesn’t really take too much out of me probably because I’ve been there for eight and a half years and I’m comfortable/have my niche plus I’m super lucky in that it’s not stressful.

        The lighthearted bickering reminds me of the goodnatured “debates” I have with my friends who love FFVI where I’m an FFVII girl. There are ways to promote the things you love without raining on anyone else’s parade. It’s the difference between being childlike and being childish. Any debate that boils down to “X sux xD #owned” is just hilarious.

        Oh lord you must hear that all the time then. What I find funny is I’ve never personally heard any Apple users bash Android quite as much as advertisements and the internet claim (also side note, the Android mascot is adorable and I want a toy one). I’m sure there’s some precedent for it, but the only “advantage” to my friends having an iPhone is I can see if they’re in the midst of texting me back. Hell, I even have friends who still have what they lovingly refer to as “dumbphones.” Thou shalt not judge another’s phone/device” is one of my cardinal rules.

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        1. See extroverts tend to project outward so there’s no question about what they are thinking. We must seem all quiet and mysterious to them.

          I love the Android mascot! Google calls each OS version a different dessert item, and then puts up the adorable statue with him as the item in front of their HQ. So cute! Agreed. A person’s choice of phone is their own business.

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          1. Too true. My extroverted (and Aries can’t forget that hehe) friend is very vocal with what she’s thinking throughout the process whereas I won’t talk about it until I’ve figured it out. This could takes days, weeks, or months, but I need to be able to explain myself before anyone else gets a peek in.

            Omg I want a little droid so badly. There’s something about adorable robots. BB-8 was the main reason I went to see Star Wars VII, and now I’m a bit of a Star Wars fan. Was never completely into it before then. I never hated it, but it was just never one of my top fandoms.

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              1. It’s wonderful. I was so impressed by it, and like I said I was never big into Star Wars, but Disney turns everything into gold lol. What’s funny is Star Wars is referenced in nearly every Final Fantasy (Biggs and Wedge for many of the games, and the Lifestream has been compared to the Force), so it’s something I have to appreciate even if it’s not one of my favorite fandoms. Clone Wars (the cartoons) is really good, too, better than the prequel movies (though that’s not saying much…), and apparently the latest one is excellent as well. VII is definitely worth your time. It’s something you can enjoy even if you’ve never seen the other movies.

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  2. Thanks for the nomination. I can sympathize with the struggles of being an introvert. With respect to the system wars, I am immune to all that bickering. I grew up during the Nintendo/Sega feuds so the current arguments seem tame in comparison.

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  3. Congrats on the award and for the shout out too! I have to say we also appreciate seeing your thoughts here and in our own comments because it goes a long way in helping us all do better. You’re totally deserving of the award and I hope you’ll keep on blogging. 😊

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  4. Congratulations! I didn’t tell you before, but your blog is an inspiration for me, especially the idea of having a ‘Progress Tracker’, since I’ve been always ashamed of not finishing many games I bought. Hey, even your URL is inspirational, “conquering the gaming”, it sounds like a true gamer’s battle cry.
    Too bad that I still don’t feel ready to take up the Entertainer Blogger Award’s challenge, because my blog is still in the sketchbook phase. Hey, maybe I should start with my own progress tracker?

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  5. I took the Myers-Briggs test, and my personality type is INTJ, or “The Mastermind.” So we are very similar! 🙂 Like you, I’ve learned to put on my mask and interact with people on a daily basis when really that is the last thing I want to be doing! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know! And I don’t think there are too many differences between that one letter, so it’s pretty neat! lol I don’t feel like a “mastermind” that’s for sure! I did mention it to my boss once and she said “Yes you are, you are always plotting something” so maybe there is a little truth to it! 😉 I still think The Advocate sounds pretty cool 🙂

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