Post Playthrough Roundup – Super Mario Bros. (NES)

3After resuscitating my NES, I decided to get to work on my NES backlog right away. I’m happy to report I’ve removed 2016’s game #4 from my backlog (I’m trying to forget that I also added two more games). I didn’t venture far into the first iteration of the Mushroom Kingdom due to the fact that there is no save option. I didn’t want to put too much strain on my recovering NES by keeping it on for long periods of time. On a side note, I’m really looking forward to Nintendo’s recently announced mini NES. I’ll never take the ability to save for granted again.

How Far I Got

I made it to Level 1-4 a few times. I met with a few fiery demises from lava pools and a very angry fireball hurling Koopa. I did discover something called a Warp Zone in the underground level that eventually led me to Level 4-2. I kind of felt like that was cheating though.

8 Bit fireballs still hurt, a lot.

Lightning Review

A simple yet amazing platform game that set Mario off on his path to greatness. The game doesn’t have a complicated plot to follow, and the overall goal is to make it through various levels to save the kidnapped Princess Toadstool at the end of the game. Throughout the levels there are various enemies to stomp on, and challenging obstacles to jump over. There are also many secret paths to uncover which helped satisfy my desire for exploration. The classic Mushroom, Fire flower, and Super Star power ups all made their debut in this title. My only complaint is there is no save feature, but I understand these were the early days of gaming.

All of the  8 bit NES glory shines perfectly in this title. The enemies are well designed from the little Goombas to that smug Lakitu guy up on his almighty cloud. The above ground levels are vibrant and cheerful, and the darkened underground theme sets the tone well. Mario is well animated considering the technology, and everything flowed smoothly while I sped through the initial levels.

Much simpler times.

The catchy Mario musical beats all started in this game. The upbeat Ground song has gone through several remakes over time, and is easily associated with the heroic plumber by gamers and non-gamers alike. Every gamer feels invincible when the inspiring Super Star beat starts playing. The melody of the Underground theme sets the tone of the levels perfectly. In fact, I’ve been whistling many of these tunes to myself while writing this.

My Overall Biased Opinion
I just wanted to get a feel for what it was like playing this classic game properly on an old NES console. These were the days when the Game Over screen actually meant you had to start over again, and there are no respawn points close by if you happen to fail. I only played it briefly but I can definitely feel the magic that this title inspired back in the day.  I will probably try to beat this title on the mini NES since it should have save points then, I hope.

6 thoughts on “Post Playthrough Roundup – Super Mario Bros. (NES)

  1. The thing with this game is it’s just so fantastic. All these years on and you have indie developers trying to replicate it.

    It’s incredibly (see AVGN) difficult, too. You can do it in about 40 minutes, but the final stages are so tough. What a game. Seminal? Yes. I remember playing it when I was 5 in 1988. I remember playing it last week on the Wii U.

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