My First Hour Falling off buildings & running from Blues

Warning: This post may contain spoiler’s for the first hour of Mirror’s Edge. 

boxSo, I was innocently cruising a local game store’s website when suddenly, a cool Collector’s Edition of a game series I’ve vaguely heard of catches my eye. Said Collector’s Edition includes an awesome statue of the main character (my swag addiction is a curse). The game is Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and it’s coming out June 7th. I look more into the series and apparently, the first game, Mirror’s Edge, is suppose to be a masterpiece that I’ve missed out on. A few minutes later, I’ve ordered a copy from eBay. It arrived in the mail yesterday, and I dusted off my Xbox 360 to start it today.

What I Did

mirrors edge 2
The tutorial with Celeste, who is much better at not dying than I am.

This is unlike any game I’ve personally ever played before. It is a free running first-person adventure game. After the intro, I struggled a bit with the tutorial as a lady named Celeste shows me the ropes. The main character you control, Faith, just recovered from an injury and she’s getting back into this Running thing she does. Well, with me in control, poor Faith met with several free falls to the cold hard streets below, before I eventually got the hang of jumping and grabbing stuff. After traversing the rooftop obstacle course, Celeste shows me how to punch bad guys and steal people’s weapons from them. Awesome! I thought it was kind of funny that the tutorial dialog tells me not to shoot Celeste when I steal a weapon from her. I swear, I really wasn’t going to…

mirrors edge 1
The first-person view is really something spectacular. Even though this game is from 2008, these crisp graphics still impress me today.

And so, my first mission begins. A brief cutscene plays, and I’m back in control of Faith again. I make my way through the prologue, and sadly, crash to the streets several more times, before I finally get inside a building. After jumping out of an air vent, some guys yell at Faith, and immediately start shooting at her. This guy named Merc tells me to run, and he calls these crazy trigger happy guys “Blues”. I manage to get outside, but I get killed by the Blues a couple of times. I finally learn how to attack properly, and get through them by unleashing the power of the crotch punch. I meet Celeste again, and Faith throws her the bag she was carrying. Immediately after, those annoying Blue guys swarm the rooftop I’m on, and I jump on a helicopter to escape.

mirrors edge 3
These are the animated cutscenes that play in between levels.

An animated style cutscene plays, and Faith needs to go find her sister. I’m happy that I’ve made it to Chapter 1, and make my way to the building objective. On my way, I try to climb over a fence, but Faith gets electrocuted. After this happens, I get a warning message about the fence being electrified… I make my way through the level, with much less free falling to the ground this time. It seems I’m catching on to the control scheme now, thankfully. I eventually make it to Faith’s sister, Kate. She’s in a room with a dead guy named Pope. He was running for mayor or something, and someone is trying to frame Kate for the murder. Faith picks up a note from the dead guy’s desk, and exchanges a warm sisterly hug with Kate. As Faith is leaving, more of those pesky Blue dudes show up, and they unfortunately kill me several times before I figure out a good escape route.

I cleared Chapter 1, which ended with Faith crashing down through a glass roof, and then being shown where to go by the guy waiting below. Another animated cutscene plays, and the note Faith took says something about Icarus. Merc goes on about how Icarus flew too close to the sun, and then Faith needs to find some guy named Jackknife, who she appears to hate. And so, Chapter 2 begins…

Overall Thoughts

This game has taught me that my reflexes are a little rusty, or maybe I’m just a slow 27 year old gamer now.The free running through the levels happens very quickly, and you don’t really have much time to think. Having all this in the first person perspective is very immersive, and despite my difficulties with keeping Faith alive, I’m really enjoying the game so far. The environments are running smooth, and my aging Xbox 360 is having no issues keeping up. The story has me interested, and from what I’ve seen so far, I like Faith’s character. My goal is to beat the main story before Mirror’s Edge Catalyst comes out. That way I can decide whether or not I want that shiny Faith statue that comes with it. Then I’ll see what my inner Achievement hunter wants to do. I did manage to get 5 Xbox Achievements during my first hour though.

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