New Swag: Leveling Up the Amiibo Addiction

I think I’ve finally crossed the line into obsessive collector territory, but I don’t care! It’s one of my favourite hobbies now, and I’m having a blast watching my Amiibo accumulate. I have no interest in the Amiibo cards though. That’s a good sign, right?

Animal Crossing – Wave 1
Animal Crossing Wave 1
Yes, I bought a poorly reviewed game because it came with two Amiibo. No, I’ve never played an Animal Crossing game before, and yes,  I picked up the entire first wave of Animal Crossing Amiibo. My name is Ellen, and I have an Amiibo problem.

They are adorable though, and I do plan on getting one of the “good” Animal Crossing games someday. I thought Lottie looked kind of ugly online, but the figure is actually quite cute. I remember seeing the KK Slider trophy in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and thinking to myself that it would be awesome to have that in real life. Now I do!

Super Smash Brothers – Wave 7
SSB Wave 7
Mewtwo is hands down one of the best looking Amiibo I have. His pose and size are quite stunning. Falco complements Fox’s pose nicely, and I’m impressed by the detail on his tail feathers. The Mii Fighters are pretty well put together. The Mii Swordfighter suffers from the same bendy sword affliction that the other sword wielding Amiibo do. It’s kind of strange to have figures of customizable characters. Oh well, I’m already this far gone so I might as well get ’em all. Also, I still do not own a copy of Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U yet…

Caving into the dark side – “Skymiibo”

This is what rock bottom looks like…

I was shocked that Nintendo actually let a 3rd party company use some of their characters in another game series. I’ve never played a Skylanders game before, so at first I viewed these as a soulless cash grab, and I decided to stay away. The only way to get Dark Hammer Slam Bowser, Hammer Slam Bowser, Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong, and Turbo Charge Donkey Kong was to buy 4 separate starter packs of the same game. I wasn’t willing to fork over that much cash for 4 copies of a game I wasn’t interested in.

Then I saw the mostly positive reviews of Skylanders Superchargers. It also turns out the WiiU and 3DS versions are different games. I decided to pick up the normal starter packs when they went on sale for Black Friday. I then found the dark edition figures for a reasonable price on eBay, so I decided to hit rock bottom, and get those as well. No regrets. Hammer Slam Bowser looks really badass to me, and I love DK’s pose holding a barrel.

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