New Swag: Funko Fallout Vault Boy Figure

3This was a pure impulse buy. I just innocently dropped into my local EB Games to check the status of one of my preorders. I glanced over the counter and saw a stack of cheerful Vault Boy figures giving me an encouraging thumbs up. In my weakened state of Fallout 4 hype, I purchased one immediately; to the amusement of the clerk behind the counter. I’m still playing Fallout 3 at the moment. I just have two trophies to get before I’m done. I preordered Fallout 4 before I made my rule about not buying any games, so I’m hoping to get it finished before Tuesday.

It’s a great piece of Fallout swag for the price. My only complaint is that the paint job is a little off on some parts of the figure. They captured the spirit of Vault Boy quite nicely though.


I was also amused when I read the flap on the box after opening the figure.

This is definitely a jab at ‘new in box’ figure collectors…

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