New Swag: Chibi Robo and Yarn Yoshi Amiibo

Okay, my Amiibo addiction is now causing me to buy game bundles… If there is an Amiibo-holics support group out there somewhere please let me know! Here are my latest acquisitions:

Chibi Robo

chibi robo

I’ll admit it, I never heard of Chibi Robo until they announced he would be getting an Amiibo. After the announcement I did purchase his GameCube and DS game to find out more about him (they still remain unplayed though). A charming little robot holding a plug over his head? Sure, take my money and give me his latest game to go along with it.

The Tiny Yarn Yoshi Family

yarn yoshi

Walmart is my go to place for picking up Amiibo on release day now. They open at 7am here so I am able to go there and then off to work with no issues. The Walmart I went to was seriously unprepared though. It took me 5 minutes to explain what a Yarn Yoshi was, and another 15 minutes for the electronics employee to find them in the stock room. I walked out happily with my adorable Pink and Blue Yarn Yoshis in the end. I preordered the Yoshi’s Wooly World bundle at EB games to get the Green Yarn Yoshi. I keep telling myself I was planning on buying the game anyway…

Overall, I’m very impressed with the quality and cute factor of these little guys. They are a bit more expensive than a regular Amiibo but I’m happy with my purchase.

And a Mega Disappointment…

mega yarn yoshi

The Toys R Us exclusive Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo also released yesterday here in Canada. I was unable to take time off of work to camp out and was busy doing my job when Toys R Us had them online (for all of 5 minutes). Apparently, most stores got like 6-12 each so I never had a chance. I was really disappointed and the Toys R Us Canada twitter feed taunting everyone didn’t help. I can’t find any on eBay for under $100 either. Oh well… 3 out of 4 Yarn Yoshis isn’t bad, right? I would also be surprised if these guys didn’t get a restock at some point in the future.

6 thoughts on “New Swag: Chibi Robo and Yarn Yoshi Amiibo

  1. That Mega Yarn Yoshi was such a pain at first, wasn’t it? None of the Toys R Us near me had it either. My husband finally found one online that wasn’t ridiculously priced and got it for me for my birthday last year, but we never saw one in store at all!

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    1. OMG! Any retailer exclusive Amiibo was such a pain to get back in the day. This one was especially bad. I found Toys R Us was the absolute worse retailer to deal with here in Canada too. I ended up importing my Mega Yarn Yoshi from a store in Australia (Beat The Bomb). Even with exchange rates and shipping it ended up costing me the same as it would here. I love this global economy thing 🙂

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