New Swag: Retro Amiibo 3 Pack

The addiction continues with my latest Amiibo acquisition: The Retro 3 Pack. Sadly, I stood in line at my local EB Games for a couple hours in order to secure my preorder for these guys. It turns out the Retro 3 Pack was super easy to get without a preorder. But hey, at least I got some fresh air and time to reflect on my collecting insanity.


I personally want to collect all of them so the 3 pack implementation doesn’t bother me at all. I can see why this would be frustrating for people who just wanted one of them.

amiibo shelf 2
And then there were 60…

Overall, I’m happy with my purchase although I found the Mr. Game & Watch Amiibo a bit underwhelming. I’m also annoyed with his different poses since I have no way to display them nicely on my shelf.

mr game and watch

I love the Duck Hunt Amiibo. They really captured the whimsical look of Dog and bird quite well. The colours are also very vibrant.

Duck hunt

R.O.B. is also very detailed. I love how they implemented his eyes. I was also entertained with the humorus pictures floating around the internet showing him carry various objects. Those have definitely become old now though.


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