New Swag: McFarlane Toys Shay Cormac Figure

Shay Cormac 1

I found Mr. Shay Patrick Cormac stuffed roughly into my mailbox this week. His packaging was banged up but he was unscathed. Luckily, I don’t keep my swag in it’s pristine original packaging so a few bent corners didn’t bother me at all as I ripped Shay out of his beat up cardboard and plastic enclosure. I have no ill will towards the weary Canada Post employee or the rushed shipper at who threw it into a flimsy bubble mailer envelope. Overall, I’m very impressed with the details on this figure.
shay 4

There is a scar on his eye and his face has that cold calculated stare from the game as he hunted down his former friends. His limbs can be articulated a bit and his outfit is well put together. For $16 CAD I felt it surpassed my expectations. He comes with two hand guns, a rifle, and his signature dual swords. The weapons are a little flimsy but they can be carefully added to the holsters on the figure which I thought was a nice touch. I had trouble getting Shay’s swords to stay in his hands though. It took a bit of careful force before he finally held on to them.

shay 2

I also find the figure is hard to stand up without having gravity push it over. I have him propped up against Arno Dorian on my display shelf so it doesn’t bother me too much. Shay is a welcome addition to my Assassin’s Creed figure collection. And yes, I know Ezio Auditore is glaringly missing from my collection. That will be fixed soon enough!

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